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Entering the Next Phase of Value-Based Care, Payment Reform

By and large, medical care payment has been driven by an expense-for-administration model in which payments to medical care suppliers are attached to the volume of administrations that patients get. In the midst of developing proof of failures and chronic frailty results originating from this model, a development has arisen which is progressing new models of medical care payment that rather connect suppliers’ repayments to the worth of the administrations they give, both to individual patients and more extensive patient populations.

From a public to a nearby level, the payment change development unites partners across the medical services framework who have a common interest in utilizing esteem based payment models to work on clinical quality and results, while additionally containing or diminishing medical services costs. These methodologies range from responsible consideration associations and patient-focused clinical homes, which energize imaginative payment moves toward that middle around medical services esteem, to various methodologies of connecting payments for different administrations given to a patient during a solitary episode of care.

With a wide alliance of policymakers, suppliers, and backup plans, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is assisting with progressing promising models of installment change and worth based installment and care. As we gain from these endeavors, this assortment offers key discoveries and viewpoints on the viability of various payment models, to illuminate proceedings with examination, testing, and advancement.

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