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How to create engaging medical elearning course videos ?

Creating engaging medical elearning course videos is one of the greatest challenges for online teaching, as video can create learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. The instructor’s enthusiasm and passion for the topic is crucial when it comes to creating an engaging video.

But before we shoot the content, we need to curate and make sure that the content is in a script form so that it is easy for the speaker to narrate it, this is critical for creating engaging medical elearning course videos. Scripts are going to be mandatory now as it eases the delivery of the doctor, we can take the narration at slow pace which will later help in subtitle generation and in general be very understandable and easy for the learner to absorb. Narration of content has an authentic feel of the learning process rather than having the speaker read it off the presentation. The content curation and any changes if needed will be handled by DocMode.

So when in the process of shooting, we can have the script on screen for the speaker to read right off the eye level so he / she can maintain eye contact with the camera. The cues can be handled by whoever the speaker is comfortable with. We will need proper lighting and backdrop for the speaker to be visible, in focus and as the main subject. We will need a constant internet connection with good speed so that the recordings don’t have a dip in the quality. Hiring a Video Conference setup will probably be the best option in the absence of one. However, a good camera and Internet is of the utmost importance is what that needs to be remembered here.

engaging medical elearning course

engaging medical elearning course

We continuously highlight the importance of enthusiasm and focus. The learner should always come first. The speakers will have to deliver the content as with a view of the learner sitting in front of him and listening carefully. When speakers work to develop on-camera skills, such as voice and breathing techniques, they become more effective online teachers. These skills don’t always come naturally, but they can be learned. Nervousness usually impacts performance and delivery. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate this. First, acknowledge that it’s okay to be nervous! Next, go over the video production process step-by-step before you perform. Don’t forget a good warm-up — it can go a long way. You’ll feel better if you feel prepared before you go on camera.When speakers are passionate and enthusiastic, they form connections with learners that boosts motivation. One simple way to achieve this is smiling! Smiles at the start and end of a video makes a difference because it communicates openness.

Things  to Avoid while shooting

  • We need to avoid sitting down when you make your first appearance on camera and when we record the content. Being seated can lower your energy level and impact your delivery.
  • Don’t wear busy patterns, such as small squares, dots or stripes.
  • Don’t mumble your words! Try to speak clearly and pronounce every syllable.
  • Don’t use complicated terms or long words. These may look good on paper, but they make your delivery less natural.
  • When you practice reading your script, look for opportunities to make it more natural and conversational.

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