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India must focus now on pharma drug development

In 1969, Indian pharmaceuticals had a 5 percent proportion of the marketplace in India, and worldwide pharma had a 95 percent proportion. By 2020, it turned into the reverse, with Indian pharma having a nearly 85 percent proportion and global, 15 percent. Over the closing 50-plus years — in terms of each meeting the domestic needs in addition to building a leading position in the worldwide pharmaceuticals landscape — Indian firms were successful. India already contributes over 20 percent by value to the worldwide generics marketplace, with Indian products contributing over 40 percent (by volume) of US drugs. India can become the ‘pharmacy of the world’ by promoting pharma drug development.

The enterprise in India is really well worth about $37 billion, with exports accounting for about $18 billion. Interestingly, the prices of drug treatments in India are among the lowest in the world, partly due to the fact they may be characterized by very high competition. The Herfindahl index is a measure of the competitive depth of industry and measures the size of companies when it comes to the industry. Unconcentrated markets have a Herfindahl index value much less than 0.15 whilst surprisingly focused markets have Herfindahl index values more than 0.25. In this connection, the government’s choice to promote domestic pharma drug development of KSMs, intermediates, and APIs (via the putting in of bulk drug parks and production-linked incentives) is a totally welcome coverage for the enterprise. Going forward, India’s self-reliance in pharmaceutical products may be similarly greater with the aid of using imparting incentives / assist to API and Intermediates/KSM production which includes provision for SEZ’s for production bulk drugs.

There is a possibility for the Indian pharmaceutical enterprise to play a bigger function in making sure worldwide drug supply security, and ability monetary incentives can play a considerable role in making this happen. This is, of course, a challenge to the availability of essential drug treatments in India at an inexpensive cost.

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