L V Prasad Eye Institute partners with DocMode for new initiative

Mumbai, 9th August 2021: L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), a World Health Organisation (WHO) collaborating centre for the prevention of blindness, has entered into a partnership with DocMode to roll out its online CME initiative on Uveitis for the benefit of practicing ophthalmologists, across the world.

DocMode, a global platform that facilitates authoritative, comprehensive and interactive online learning programs exclusively for the members of the healthcare fraternity, said, the partnership with LVPEI would help ophthalmologists enhance their skill-sets leading to better treatment outcome.

“LVPEI is a proven leader in ophthalmology. It has been doing a tremendous job in providing an equitable and efficient eye to all sections of the society.  We are proud to be part of LVPEI’s CME initiatives and commitment to excellent eye care,” said DocMode Founder & CEO Hans Lewis.

The LVPEI Uveitis Series will help in identifying different patterns of Uveitis through clinical observations which in turn will lead to judicious use of laboratory investigations and treatment options resulting in excellent treatment outcome, added Lewis.

The LVPEI-DocMode partnership brings 12 courses; one program on anterior Uveitis, 3 programs on posterior Uveitis (Retinitis, Retinal Vasculitis, Choroiditis), one program each on panuveitis, intermediate Uveitis, scleritis and episcleritis, ocular imaging in Uveitis, laboratory investigations in Uveitis and 3 programs on principles of treatment outcome (corticosteroids, infectious Uveitis, non-steroidal immunosuppressive therapy).

The courses offered in four sessions, spread over a month, each with 1 hour duration include topic overview, opportunity to listen to world leaders and access to special group meetings with Uveitis experts from major eye centres in the world like Los Angeles USA, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Sydney, Australia.  Participants completing the course successfully would receive a certificate, besides one MMC point.

“The e-learning will foster participants to identify various clinical signs of Uveitis, classify it into broad groups for systematic management of patients, apply imaging tools in defining different patterns of intraocular inflammation, develop rational use of laboratory and radiological investigations and understand the application of diverse treatment choices in uveitis,” said Dr. Soumyava Basu, MS-Head Uveitis Service, LVPEI Network, DBT Wellcome Trust India Alliance Fellow, LVPEI, Hyderabad.  He further added that those taking the session would be able to treat 90% patients with simple clinical logic.

This initiative is of particular importance to India since various studies put the incidence rate of uveitis in India at 783 per 100,000 persons – one of the highest in the world.  “So, our goal is upscale the quality of eye care by equipping our healthcare professionals with the latest treatment techniques to treat various conditions including uveitis.  This CME initiative is a step that direction,” added Dr. Basu.

“Uveitis has been a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for many ophthalmologists. This course provides comprehensive coverage of all uveitis modules, and the clinical pattern recognitions presented here are really beneficial for clinical decisions when facing uveitis cases,” said Dr. Ikhwanuliman Putera, an ophthalmologist from Jakarta, State – Indonesia, who has enrolled himself in the LVPEI-DocMode CME initiative.

Dr. Madhurima Nayak based at Mangalore, Karnataka, another ophthalmologist taking part in the CME initiative said, “Uveitis is a common condition that a general ophthalmologist comes across. It has several systemic associations that need careful identification. Also, the pattern changes over time with the emergence or identification of new Uveitic entities and investigations.  So, this e-learning is important for me.”

 About DocMode:

DocMode is a global platform that provides authoritative, comprehensive and interactive learning programs for health professionals; doctors, nurses, allied and medical students – across the world. The platform encourages scientific, evidence-based practice, documentation, inter-professional, cross-industrial learning, doctor-patient interaction, research work and training skill-based courses. DocMode aims to form a value-based online learning experience for health professionals internationally.

About L V Prasad Eye Institute

Established in 1987, L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Prevention of Blindness, is a comprehensive eye health facility. The Institute has ten active arms to its areas of operations: Clinical Services, Education, Research, Vision Rehabilitation, Rural and Community Eye Health, Eye Banking, Advocacy and Policy Planning, Capacity Building, Innovation and Product Development. The LVPEI Eye Care Network has 236 Centres spread across the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Karnataka in India. The institute’s mission is to provide equitable and quality eye care to all sections of society. The LVPEI’s five-tier ‘Eye Health Pyramid’ model covering all sections of society right from the villages to the city, provides high quality and comprehensive – prevention, curative and rehabilitation – eye care to all. It has served over 32.11 million (3 crore 21 lakh people), over 50% of them entirely free of cost, irrespective of the complexity of care needed.