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Stability, Retention and Relapse in Orthodontics



1st Edition 2017

Katsaros, Christos / Eliades, Theodore (Editor)

Published by : Quintessence


This book offers a thorough analysis of the retention and stability of orthodontic treatment results and outlines the keys to effective intervention. Tendencies for stability and relapse of orthodontic treatment are covered for incisor irregularity and Class I, Class II, transverse, and vertical problems, as well as orthognathic surgery outcomes. In addition to cautioning against tooth and jaw movements that have been associated with an increased risk of relapse, the authors discuss the use of fixed and removable retention appliances and outline treatment principles to minimize relapse and the development of potential unwanted effects at the retention stage. The end result is an understanding of how to develop targeted retention plans for individual patients and how to treatment plan long-term stability with strategic insight.

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Edition 1st Edition 2017


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