DocMode to create value-based online learning experience; to introduce new courses in new specialties

DocMode, a Mumbai-based global medical learning platform, aims to create a value-based online learning experience for health professionals globally. The company is focusing on developing outcome based learning which would help learners upgrade themselves with latest evidence-based knowledge thus creating better patient experience.

The company is planning to introduce courses in new specialties and conduct live lectures on guidelines and also plan to include case studies from South Asia, making courses relevant for South Asian countries, as the demographic of patients don’t differ to a high extent.

The company's vision is to become an integral part of the healthcare professional’s daily routine with essential resources for their learning and practice.

"Our collaboration with The International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) helped us to partner with international faculty from different regions based on their knowledge. We created ‘Comprehensive course on Open Angle Glaucoma’ with ICO partnership onboarding Indian faculty, as ICO felt Indian faculty are better equipped to deliver quality course. Already more than 200 learners have purchased the course and the numbers keep on increasing. While course on neuro-ophthalmology essentials have international faculties, one being Dr. Karl Golnik, president, International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) having published more than 120 papers on neuro ophthalmologic disorders," says Hans Albert Lewis-founder and CEO, DocMode.

Lewis further added, "Within next six months, our partnership with ICO will help launch of more courses on subjects like dry eyes, cataract, infectious eye disease, managing posterior capsule rupture: Vitrectomy techniques and strategies for the cataract surgeon, Refractive surgery for the cataract surgeon: strategies and techniques using multifocal IOLs and also a glaucoma counselling course for counsellors."

The company is also looking for more tie-ups not just with the US, UK and Indian based associations, but with others based in different continents and countries.

"We have also partnered with Indian Dental Association (IDA) which will help us introduce online dental continuing education (CE) courses for dentists across India. CE will provide practicing dentists and dental students’ access to a series of live courses on the evolving clinical advances coupled with recent scientific and technological progress in dentistry. The comprehensive online learning courses will be a 45 to 50-minute session, which will continue for a period of one year. Participants will receive a certificate from IDA upon course completion and around 10 to 12 courses in dental will be launched in this partnership," added Lewis.

DocMode is a global platform that provides authoritative, comprehensive and interactive learning programs for health professionals, doctors, nurses, allied and medical students - across the world. The platform encourages scientific, evidence-based practice, documentation, inter-professional, cross-industrial learning, doctor-patient interaction, research work and training skill-based courses. DocMode aims to form a value-based online learning experience for health professionals globally. DocMode as a learning platform has been operational since 2009 and have organically registered over two lakh healthcare professionals in the Indian subcontinent region.

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