DocMode's e-dialogue series GAPSULE to address covid induced knowledge between physicians, pharma sector

DocMode launched GAPSULE, the first-of-its-kind e-dialogue series to address covid-induced knowledge and the relationship gap between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. GAPSULE is an effort to find a workable solution to equip physicians with the latest information about medical development through intense R&D.

Hans Lewis, Founder, and CEO, DocMode, said, “Social distancing and other norms have limited the scope of physical interaction between physicians and medical representatives resulting in the knowledge and relational gap. GAPSULE is an effort to find a workable solution to bridge this gap and DocMode, facilitates such a process by bringing together different stakeholders on its platform.”

“The first session of GAPSULE saw various pharmaceutical companies coming together. They discussed knowledge and relationship, shared their experience, and exchanged different ideas. The response to GAPSULE has been received well,” added Lewis.

Dr. Mahesh Abhyankar, Vice President, USV and author of Emozeal, noted that major hospitals became no-entry zones to medical representatives with the outbreak of the coronavirus resulting in interaction deficit which has the potential to affect treatment outcome.

“I can understand the concern of hospitals. It is very genuine. But it does not mean that we should live with the issue compromising patient satisfaction. I am happy DocMode has taken this initiative which is the need of the hour,” said Dr. Abhyankar.

The upcoming GAPSULE sessions would be more interesting since they would include physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders. “Hopefully, we should succeed in finding a solution that is best suited for all,” Lewis said.

Subhojit Mukherjee, SBU Head Sales & Marketing, Akumentis Healthcare felt customer relation was evolving into customer value. “In this transitional phase, doctors prefer to meet companies who add value to their practice and patients. GAPSULE will help this transition,” he noted.

Nikhil Dhamne, Business Unit Head, Sun Pharma Laboratories, said "It is not about showing a brand or my face. Visibility is the uninterrupted passage of information."

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