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Social media ensuring youth well-being during COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown have brought difficult times in everyone’s life. Mental health and well-being are at a risk due to physical separation not only from each other but also from the world. During these hard times, the youth of the world is using social media and digital technology to ensure well-being during COVID-19. Many of the mental health problems for youth including harassment and bullying, sleep disruption, and excessive exposure to idealized images leading to envy and insecurities are being highlighted and given attention to by the youth. Along with these factors, other issues such as poverty, discrimination, instability, and social marginalization create stress and worry among the minds of people and lead to bad mental health, therefore, affecting the work output. All of these problems are being identified and the youth of the world is taking initiatives to speak on these issues freely and bring it to the attention of the government and policymakers.

As social media platforms flood with the reports and posts of #BlackLivesMatter the empowerment and courage among the youth is high while it is creating a chain of support among people from different parts of the world. Strategies for coping up with centuries-long racism and prejudice are discussed online and laying the foundation to a new world. We are also seeing parents and children coming together to showcase creative ideologies and talents. This encourages parental support for online spaces and recognizing it as a youth platform and solving the tension between youth and parents regarding technology. An aura of positivity is spreading among youth as everyone is coming together creating trends, sharing skills, and solutions to problems such as anxiety and depression. Such online settings are augmenting friendships and relationships. 

Online communication and affinity networks, including fandoms, gaming communities, and creative communities, can help marginalized youth benefit from unique forms of social support and friendships in this lockdown. Proof that young people are actively pursuing online resources for information on mental health and socio-emotional resources through online platforms. Most adolescents and tweens say that social media helps foster social-emotional well-being, boost confidence, and alleviate anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Many people out there need help during this pandemic and they cannot get it due to restrictions. With the help of social media and digital spaces communities and people are coming together to help the people in need. Among these youth is playing an important role, the connectivity of youth and social media is bringing about small but required changes which will then lead to a big social change. On the other hand, social media is also proving to be an effective tool to ensure youth well-being during COVID-19