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Ozone Gel: An Ophthalmic Mask for eyes under study

Ozone gel has been found to be an upcoming way of treatment, study says. Conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers are common eye diseases diagnosed in both humans and animals and are currently treated with topical anti-inflammatory and antibacterial eye drops. Existing molecules are often ineffective due to infections in hypoxic tissue containing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. and Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Hence, new products are needed to treat eye pain and inflammation. tissue repair properties. Ozonated oils have the same properties as ozone gas and are well tolerated by tissues.

The ozone-based stabilized ophthalmic gel can act as a barrier against the penetration of the SARS CoV2 virus through the eye, thereby acting as a kind of” mask “for the eye, which can be used in conjunction with the classic surgical mask that covers the eyes. Nose and mouth

 “Ophthalmic gels based on ozone have been used to relieve symptoms of inflammatory eye diseases, including infectious diseases.” said by Professor Rizzo for Dry Eye Syndrome. Therefore, the solution is to improve the barrier effect of SARS CoV2 tears: “These observations,” explains Professor Rizzo, “lead to the idea that improving the barrier effect of SARS CoV2 tears through the use of special ocular drops on an atmospheric basis.

Ozone gel in nano-formulations has been used in the form of eye drops or eye drops to relieve the symptoms of inflammatory eye diseases, including those of infectious origin; Ozone also promotes healing of corneal injuries, minimizing the risk of corneal scarring and opacity. 

The aim of the study, explains the director of the Gemelli Ophthalmology Department, is to assess whether this ophthalmic gel can prevent SARS CoV2 infection in the superficial tissues of the eye and to assess whether it can help restore the integrity of the ocular tissue in dry eye patients. surface, restore and regenerate conjunctival microvilli. 

 Ozone Gel also restores cell regeneration and controls inflammation in dry eye syndrome. 

On the other hand, ozone therapy has its limitations: ozone is by its nature a toxic gas that cannot be breathed, cannot be stored and must be used with care and competence, so only a doctor can conduct ozone therapy. after completing appropriate training in ozone therapy using a Precision ozone generator with a well-calibrated photometer. It is a pity that is also made with the wrong ozone generator by charlatans and speculators without medical qualifications, and the same fact undermines the credibility of ozone therapy in the medical field; hopefully, this inconvenience will be eliminated when ozone therapy is introduced where part of formal medicine and all public hospitals are fully serviced.

Self-medication can be achieved, at least in part, with rectal insufficiency and/or physical exposure (BOEX). This will be a breakthrough as chronic patients will be treated in the comfort of home with results that will maintain a good quality of life. 

 The main problem remains the lack of clinical trials and the difficulty of knowing and sorting reliable clinical results obtained with individual ozone therapy.  Direct intravenous gas injection, like the disinfection of drinking water in the plumbing is just a crazy and forbidden idea. For infected wounds and ulcers, topical treatment with HT is recommended as the synergistic effect results in faster wound healing.

 Ulcer problems that never heal from diabetes, atherosclerosis, old age and paralysis ??? This is one of the most disturbing cases of our time, and a million patients suffer from very little hope of being able to resolve it. The cost is also enormous, and if health authorities approve and develop ozone gel therapy, they will help make a real revolution in the treatment of this condition. 

Chronic osteomyelitis, although less common, is a disease with serious complications, to date, they have treated 5 patients, 3 women (ages: 51, 81 and 83 years with spina bifida and hemiplegia, sepsis and uremia plus diabetes, respectively) and two men (age 39 and 63 years with a baby tooth abscess or multiple myeloma, years, respectively).

Ozone therapy can be useful as a complementary therapy for the following reasons: 

 (a) Now, with the new BOEX option (or at least IR), we have a practical and economical approach and above all non-invasive (no venous puncture or risk of infection with code for healthcare workers.(b) Using gradually increasing ozone concentration (low to moderate: 20-40 μg / ml), we can achieve: (b1) acclimatization to COS, thus restoring the redox balance of cells, is a fundamental process to inhibit HIV replication. (b2) regulates hyperlipidemia and peripheral lipodystrophy.  (b3) corrects cachexia rather than recombinant GH and DHEA (Murphy and Longo, 2000). (b4) Feelings of euphoria from cachexia and depression. 

 Similar goals can be achieved with a larger HT, but this approach is technically more difficult, invasive, more expensive, and opposed by medical personnel. If we want to assess whether ozone therapy has any value, we must conduct appropriate research in collaboration with experts in infectious diseases, but to maximize the benefit of patients, we must first use the best medicines provided by mainstream medicine that can be supported by ozone therapy. 

It should be emphasized once again that the idea of ​​sterilizing the body with ozone is completely impracticable because we cannot neutralize the enormous antioxidant capacity present in the blood, tissues and extravascular cells. 

 It can be said that ozone, despite its powerful in vitro sterilization activity, is NOT as active as in vivo, because pathogens are usually protected by plasma antioxidants and cellular antioxidants. This point must be emphasized to prevent insider actions. ? Intravenous administration of gas to patients by a quack often resulted in fatal oxygen embolisms. However, ozone can be useful in infectious diseases by activating auxiliary mechanisms. In COMBINATION, they are effective (but not always cure) in rapidly removing the virus from plasma and cells. Unfortunately, hopes of eradicating HIV have not materialized, and ozone therapy may prove beneficial at this stage, as has the potential to activate various biochemical and immune functions.

It has been seen to be effective in retina degenerative disorder like Glaucoma etc. Although Opthalmologists are also studying about its effectiveness. But it has been seen that it cannot completely cure the disease but surely better the condition of the patients. Thus providing the patients a better life.

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