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About the Online Certificate Scientific Lecture series

This, the first of its kind, ‘Certified Scientific Lecture Series’ is being jointly organized by the Indian Academy of Echocardiography (IAE) and DocMode Health Technologies and is supported by an unrestricted educational grant by USV Pvt Ltd.

The objective of this initiative is to not only expose the interested healthcare professionals to various facets of echocardiography but also to impress upon them how important this modality is in the day-to- day clinical decision-making in patients with suspected or proven cardiac diseases. Echocardiography is the only imaging modality that has the ability to provide information about both cardiac structure and function, at the patient’s bedside, within a matter of few minutes, and with absolutely no risk of causing harm to the patient. Undeniably, such a powerful diagnostic modality, needs to be at the centerstage of management of cardiac patients. However, just like any other imaging modality, the users of this modality also need to have sufficient understanding and skill to perform and interpret it accurately. This lecture series intends to build a foundation towards this direction.

All the topics and faculty for this series are selected by IAE. The topics that have been selected are those that are the most relevant for day-to-day clinical practice, whereas the faculty represents some of the most renowned names in the field of echocardiography in India. All the participants are encouraged to engage with the faculty members as much as possible to derive maximum benefit from this activity.

About IAE

Established in 1994, the Indian Academy of Echocardiography (IAE) is the largest cardiac imaging society in India. It is committed to excellence in the field of cardiovascular ultrasound through training, education, research, innovation, advocacy and standardization. IAE currently has 12 regional chapters and over 2800 members.

During the early 90s, when there was no forum for propagation of echocardiography in the country, IAE is formed with the main aim of spreading echocardiography expertise all over the country. Since its inception in 1994, IAE has gone from strength-to-strength to become the largest cardiac imaging society in India. Not only within India, IAE has become an important source of education for echocardiographers in the neighboring SAARC countries. At the same time, IAE has also fostered academic alliances with various international societies such as the American Society of Echocardiography, the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging, International Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, and the Asian Pacific Association of Echocardiography.

Following are some of the key activities undertaken by IAE -

Echo India is the annual conference of IAE and is the largest cardiac imaging meeting in India. Nearly 100 leading national and international faculty and almost 2000 delegates participate in the meeting.
Workshops- IAE conducts various local/regional echocardiography workshops, either directly or through its state and city branches.
Journal of The Indian Academy of Echocardiography & Cardiovascular Imaging is the official journal of IAE and is published three times a year. It is open access, available in both print and online forms and accepts publications from around the world. Please visit for more details.
Practice guidelines - IAE regularly releases echocardiography practice guidelines which are published in JIAE & CVI
IAE Textbook of Echocardiography is the first textbook of echocardiography published by IAE in 2017; the second edition in preparation and will be released next year.
IAE accreditation: Every year, IAE undertakes accreditation tests and provides certification of competence to deserving echocardiographers.
Fellowship of IAE: A unique distinction recognizing the commitment and expertise in the field of echocardiography.
Travel Grants, Awards, Orations
Social activities, which include free echocardiography camps and public awareness activities

To learn more about IAE and to become a member of IAE, kindly visit: