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Indian Chest Society CME:
Indian Chest Society is the organization of qualified Chest Physicians and physicians interested in the field of Respiratory medicine. Indian Chest Society is a non-profit making organization devoted to research, academic, educational, and patient welfare activities in respiratory medicine. The main objective of the Society was to generate and disseminate knowledge on respiratory medicine through following activities:
● By promoting Research and Academic activities in the field of Respiratory medicine.
● By organizing periodic academic meetings and conferences at International, National, Zonal and local level and to bring together, periodically, the medical fraternity interested in respiratory medicine, at a common meeting point.
● By organizing periodic patient awareness and educational programmes at various levels to spread knowledge and understanding about the important respiratory diseases.
● To assist in creating technical manpower required to handle various diagnostic and therapeutic activities related to the field of respiratory medicine.
● To assist in creating trained manpower, both medical and technical required for handling everyday increasing need of the patients in various hospitals and intensive care units.
● To open booth at various international conferences for creating understanding between the ICS and International Societies.
● To promote basic research and disease registry of various diseases in the country.