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Patient Corner: Myths and facts

Myth: Herbal products can cure cancer.

Fact: No herbal products have been proven to cure cancer. Some may help with side effects but can also interfere with conventional treatments. Patients should consult with their doctors about using complementary and alternative therapies.

Myth: Using plastic bottles and containers causes cancer.

Fact: Using plastics, including plastic bottles, containers, and cling film, does not increase the risk of cancer. Studies have shown that even when plastics are heated for extended periods, the food inside remains safe to eat.

Myth: Artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, cause cancer.

Fact: There is no compelling evidence that artificial sweeteners are linked to cancer. They are used as sugar substitutes in various foods and drinks. Your overall daily diet plays a more significant role in reducing cancer risk than any single ingredient or food item.

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