NOTICE: On April 3rd, 2019, adopted an amended Privacy Policy, providing as follows:

DocMode Privacy policy and each Member that provides courses through the Site care about the confidentiality and security of your information. This Privacy Policy applies to information that collects through the Site when you interact with, with Members, with other users, and generally with the Site.

Your information is received and controlled by according to this Privacy Policy when you sign up for an account or otherwise use the Site.


  • is solely and independently responsible for its own privacy practices. No Member is responsible for’s privacy practices.
    If you enroll in a course offered by a Member through the Site, information about you and your activity in the course is received and controlled also by that Member as described in this Privacy Policy.
  • Each Member is solely and independently responsible for its own privacy practices. No Member is responsible for another Member’s privacy practices. Also, is not responsible for any Member’s privacy practices.

If you do not accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, then please do not access, browse, or register for the Site or enroll in any courses. If you choose not to provide certain information required to provide you with various products and services offered on the Site, then you may not be able to establish a user account or obtain those products or services.

Any version of this Privacy Policy in a language other than English is provided for convenience and you understand and agree that the English language version will control if there is any conflict.

This Privacy Policy is organized as follows:

  • Disclosure Statement
  • Information that collects from you (including Personal Information)
  • DocMode Advertising policy
  • Cookies and Tracking Technologies on the Site
  • How your information is used
  • How your information is shared
  • How to manage your Personal Information
  • Storage & Security
  • Privacy Policy updates
  • Contact information
  • Glossary

a) Disclosure Statement:

As a platform, DocMode generates revenues from learner’s enrollment fees, user subscription fees and sponsorship from Private and Government Healthcare Delivery Organisations, Medico-Marketing Organisations (Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical, Research, Devices etc.) as well as Medical Education Institutions and Health Professional Associations.
As of March 2019 DocMode is self-funded.

b) Disclosure of Content

Content on DocMode is created in collaboration with the learners, individual speakers, associations or universities and who are offering the content to DocMode for an agreed period of time where DocMode is not liable for the source of the content material or the narration, views and opinions expressed by the individual or views and ideas of the organisations/groups/associations they represent. DocMode does not involve, support or influence the content narrative, agenda, biases or views with which the content holds or is created.


  • sign up for an user account and create an user profile;
  • enroll and participate in online courses;
  • purchase a product or service (for example, Verified Certificates);
  • send email messages to (including messages to learner support);
  • participate in user surveys;
  • participate in public forums, webinars, and other interactive experiences on the Site.

Use for Personalization and Pedagogical Improvements. also indirectly collects usage information about your visit to the Site, as explained in the section below titled Cookies and Tracking Technologies. does not itself collect or store financial account numbers or identification issued by a governmental entity, employer, or other authority. Instead, if you choose to make a purchase on the Site, for example a Verified Certificate, you will be directed to’s third-party payment processor and’s third-party ID verification service provider. If you do not wish to submit the required authentication or payment information, then you will not be able to obtain a certificate via the Site. requires your Personal Information only in limited circumstances when you:

  • sign up for an user account (name, username, email address);
  • purchase a Verified Certificate (so that’s third-party vendor can authenticate your identity) or other product or service (so that’s third-party vendor can process payment);
  • participate in remote proctoring or other course facilitation processes (so that’s third-party vendor can monitor and assess the integrity of your course activity); or
  • earn a Verified Certificate (the certificate will have your name on it)

To the extent that associates the information that collects directly or indirectly with an individual (for example, you), the association is based on Personal Information in your account profile.
You may voluntarily choose to share additional Personal Information on the Site, for example:

  • in your account profile (and you may display a limited or full profile to other Site users);
  • in applying for financial assistance; or
  • when participating in a course, forum, webinar, or other interactive experience on the Site (noting that in some cases, this information is shared with a third party that provides tools or other assistance for the Site or a course) encourages you to use discretion before voluntarily sharing additional Personal Information on the Site. (If you later choose to delete your account, deletion of your Personal Information will be subject to the process and limits outlined below.)

Members do not receive your Personal Information unless and until you enroll in a course. If you enroll in a course, the Member that offers the course will receive Personal Information from your account profile plus the information that collects about your activity and performance in the course in which you enrolled.

DocMode Advertising policy:

DocMode accepts advertising on the DocMode Network from third parties (“Advertisers”), which may include third party banners, badges, contextual advertising and content created or provided by an Advertiser (collectively referred to as “Advertisements” or “Advertising”). In addition, as used in this policy, the terms “Advertising” and “Advertisements” include third party banners, modules, links, microsites, native advertisements and other content provided by or on behalf of Advertisers. The Advertiser is responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of their Advertising. The following guidelines have been established by DocMode to govern various aspects of Advertising on properties within the DocMode Network (each a “DocMode Property”), which include websites and mobile applications directed to consumers, which we refer to in this Policy as the “DocMode Consumer Properties”, and websites and mobile applications directed to healthcare professionals, which we refer to as the DocMode Professional Properties.

The guidelines in this policy govern issues like acceptance of Advertisements by DocMode, how Advertisements are displayed on the DocMode Network, and the removal of Advertisements from the DocMode Network. DocMode has sole and absolute discretion with respect to interpretation and enforcement of this policy and all other issues associated with Advertising on the DocMode Network. DocMode may change this policy at any time in its sole discretion by posting a revised policy to the applicable DocMode Property.

  1. DocMode has sole discretion for determining the types of Advertising that will be accepted and displayed on the DocMode Network, and under no circumstances will DocMode’s acceptance of any Advertisement be considered an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s) advertised or for the company that advertises, manufactures, distributes, or promotes the products or services.
  2. There are certain categories of Advertisements that DocMode will not knowingly permit on the DocMode Network at any time. These categories include but are not limited to the following:

    • Illegal, ‘objectionable’, ‘ineffective’ and/or ‘dangerous’ products (DocMode reserves the right to determine what is ‘objectionable’, ‘ineffective’ and/or ‘dangerous’)
    • fraudulent, deceptive, illicit, misleading or offensive material
    • material that misrepresents, ridicules, discriminates (real or implied) or attacks an individual or group on the basis of age, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or any other status deemed inappropriate for the DocMode Network
    • alcohol
    • weapons, firearms, ammunition, or fireworks
    • gambling
    • pornography or related themes
    • tobacco use of any kind
    • the simulation of news or an emergency
    • material that directly advertises products to or is intended to attract children under the age of 13
    • media or messages for or that reference “M” rated video games or content
    • unreasonable, unlikely or extraordinary product or service claims
    • media messages or imagery that strobe or flash
    • media or messages that contain unsubstantiated “miracle” weight loss or other exaggerated claims of cure
    • advertising units that mimic computer functions or deceptively indicate a computer or other function that would be reasonable to the average user to assume as a reason to click the unit
  3. DocMode recognizes and maintains a distinct separation between Advertising and DocMode’s editorial content. All Advertising on the DocMode Network will be clearly and unambiguously identified. DocMode will not allow any Advertising on the DocMode Network that is not identified with the label of “Advertisement”, “From Our Advertiser”, “Information From Industry” or a similar designation indicating that the Advertising is being provided by or on behalf of an Advertiser.
  4. A click on an Advertisement may only link the end user to the Advertiser’s site or to relevant sponsored content area on a DocMode Property.
  5. DocMode retains the exclusive right to determine how any and all search results for specific information by keyword or topic are displayed on a DocMode Property based on DocMode delivered search results. Content listed in search results is displayed with its source, e.g., “DocMode News” or “Journal Article.” If Advertising appears in the search results, it is labeled as such. In addition, DocMode provides a separate area on the search results page of certain DocMode Consumer Properties which only display Advertising.
  6. DocMode reserves the right to decide at any time in its sole discretion whether it will accept, reject, cancel, or remove Advertising from the DocMode Network. DocMode cannot provide any assurance that Advertisements will perform without error on all platforms, including websites and mobile applications
  7. It is the Advertiser’s responsibility to comply with all domestic and foreign laws and regulations applicable to its Advertising within the DocMode Network (and to include all legally required legends, disclosures and statements in such Advertising), including without limitation the current FDA guidelines for Direct to Physician (DTP) and Direct to Consumer (DTC) advertising. DocMode will not monitor compliance with such laws and regulations. However, DocMode reserves the right to review all Advertising for compliance with applicable laws and regulations and, if DocMode becomes aware of any breach or potential breach of any applicable law or regulation or of these guidelines, DocMode may remove the Advertising from the DocMode Network.
  8. No Advertising on the DocMode Network shall include any pixels, tags, flash containers or any other type of information collection software code (any such pixel, tag, code or device a “Pixel”) or shall place any beacons, cookies or other information collection devices on the browsers of users of the DocMode Network unless expressly approved in writing by DocMode. If DocMode approves the inclusion of a Pixel in an Advertisement, then unless and only to the extent that such approval contains an express exception, (i) Advertiser may not use such Pixel to collect any personally-identifiable information (PII) with respect to any DocMode user, (ii) no such Pixel can be flash or object based, (iii) the Pixel can be blocked and any cookie placed can be deleted by user browser settings, (iv) Advertiser will not link any non-PII that it collects to any PII that it may have from any other source and (v) Advertiser will not update any existing profile or create any profile in its database based on any data collected on the DocMode site, including the fact that someone is a DocMode user or any information derived from the information in the referring URL.


Like many companies, uses Cookies and other common Tracking Technologies on the Site and in email communications to help better understand your use and needs of the Site, current and future products and services, and how and Members can improve. For example:

  • based on your cookie settings, tracks information indicating, among other things, which pages of the Site were visited, the order in which they were visited, when they were visited, and which hyperlinks and other user interface controls were used;
  • may log the IP address, operating system, and browser software (including mobile use and device type when you use native mobile apps) you used when accessing the Site, and may be able to determine from an IP address your Internet Service Provider and the geographic location of your point of connectivity; and
  • may track and collect information from emails that sends to you, for example whether you opened the email or clicked on any links from the email. also partners with third parties to help us track and understand your activity on the Site, how you interact with’s social media, and how you find or may be referred to the Site. Individual Members may separately use Tracking Technologies within their courses and email communications to understand your activity within a course and how you find or may be referred to a course on the Site. One of the third parties that DocMode works with is Google. In addition to using the information it collects performing services for DocMode, Google may also use such information as described in its privacy policy. To see how Google may use information collected through our use of the Google services on the DocMode Sites visit and Members use Cookies and other Tracking Technologies for the following purposes:

  • when necessary for system administration, security, and integrity to ensure the Site works properly for you. Without these technologies, the Site may not function correctly;
  • to enable analytics, performance and functionality, to help and Members gather information about how visitors use the Site and monitor Site performance, and to enhance your experience by recognizing and remembering whether you have visited the Site before and may have any personal preferences; and
  • to support marketing by enabling and Members to deliver content relevant to your interests on the Site and third-party sites based on how you interact with or Member advertisements or content. and Members use “first-party” cookies, which means cookies served by or an individual Member, and also “third-party” cookies, which means cookies served by third parties that help and Members track this information.

You have some options for managing Cookies and other Tracking Technologies. These include:

  • Modifying your browser settings:You should be able to control how and whether your web browser accepts Cookies by adjusting its privacy and security settings. The “help” feature of the menu bar on most browsers will tell you how to stop accepting new Cookies, how to receive notification of new Cookies, and how to disable existing Cookies. If you reject’s Cookies, many functions and conveniences of the Site may not work properly.
  • Opting-out of certain third-party tracking and advertising: Some of the third parties used by or a Member for Cookies and Tracking Technologies offer the ability to opt-out from their tracking by following processes described on their websites. A list of some such third parties is maintained and available at the learner Help Center and includes, for some, links to applicable opt-out processes. Neither nor any Member is responsible for the effectiveness of any third-party opt-out options.

HOW YOUR INFORMATION IS USED and Members use information, including Personal Information, to carry out the following purposes:

  • Operate and improve the Site – This includes creating and improving features that support the community and enable Site usage at scale. This also includes personalizing the Site, so your learning experience is tailored to your interests and needs.
  • Create, administer, provide, and teach courses – This includes creating and improving the delivery of massive open online courses and programs on This also includes personalizing courses, so your learning experience is tailored to your interests and needs, and assessing your performance and awarding certificates.
  • Offer and improve products and services – This includes enabling you to navigate the Site, to enroll and participate in courses and programs on the Site, to learn effectively in such courses and programs, and to purchase or obtain products and services on the Site such as Verified Certificates.
  • Develop and maintain the security and performance of the Site – This includes tracking Site outages and creating software solutions, detecting violations of the Honor Code and Terms of Service, and monitoring uses, misuses, and potential misuses of the Site.
  • Communicate with you – This includes answering your course and platform questions, notifying you of course and Site maintenance and updates, marketing to you about course offerings, programs, news, and related products and services of or affiliates, and as permitted under applicable law, sending you communications about products or services of selected business partners that may be of interest to you.
  • Support scientific research including, for example, in the areas of cognitive science and education – This includes collaborating to enable and conduct research about how learners access and master course materials online, with the goal of improving course outcomes.
    Track Site usage against goals and mission – This includes performing analytics to evaluate access to and performance in courses and course-related products and services and to report aggregate usage information (not Personal Information) to business partners and external audiences.
  • Exercise, enforce, and comply with legal rights and obligations – This includes responding to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process; and investigating, preventing, or taking action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, security or technical issues, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of, Members, or others, and as otherwise required by applicable law. or a Member may also seek your consent for additional uses of information, including Personal Information, and will use it only for the purpose described to you. All use of Personal Information is subject to applicable law.

HOW YOUR INFORMATION IS SHARED and Members share information, including Personal Information, with third parties for the following purposes:

  • With service providers, contractors, and other third parties that help carry out the uses described above – requires third parties to: (1) abide by this Privacy Policy and applicable law; (2) handle Personal Information in a confidential manner and maintain adequate security; and (3) use Personal Information only as needed to fulfill the relevant purpose(s). In some cases, the Site and individual courses are integrated with third-party services or contain links to websites published by third parties, including other content providers as well as service providers. These third parties are responsible for their own privacy practices, so you should pay attention anytime you are redirected to a third-party website and be sure to review its privacy policy.
  • With other learners in courses that you take and with other visitors to the Site, to create an interactive learning environment, support class participation, and share course information – This includes sharing comments, coursework, or other information or content that you submit to a portion of the Site designed for viewing by other class members or for public communication. This also includes providing opportunities for you to communicate with other users who may have similar interests or educational goals, for instance, recommending specific study partners or connecting potential student mentees and mentors. In such cases, and each Member that offers a course in which you enrolled may use all information collected about you to determine who might be interested in communicating with you, but will only provide others your username (for clarity, no disclosure of your real name or email address).
  • With employers, government programs, institutions, or other enterprises that sponsor your enrollment in a course for training or other educational purposes – If an entity pays for or otherwise sponsors your Verified Certificate or course participation, will share information with the entity as needed to confirm your enrollment, participation, progress, and completion status in that course.
  • With affiliates of or a Member, or with successors in the event of a merger, acquisition, or reorganization, for their use consistent with this Privacy Policy.
    With Organisations who you have agreed to pay on your behalf when you enroll in 100 % or any discount courses that are sponsored. The moment you enroll via such Sponsored discount courses you agree that can provide your learner information (analytics) of the enrolled course to the sponsoring organisation. or a Member may also seek your consent for additional disclosures of information, including Personal Information, and will share it only as described to you. In addition, or a Member may share with the public and with third parties, including but not limited to researchers and business partners, information and Personal Information that is de-identified or aggregated in a manner that does not personally identify you.


You can manage your Personal Information through learner features on the Site and requests to the learner support team. If your request involves information controlled by a Member, learner support will notify and coordinate with the appropriate Member to address your request. will provide support to the extent required by applicable law (for example, learners in the European Union) and more broadly when possible, as a courtesy in our sole discretion. will notify you in the event that is unable to meet a request that is not legally required. Similarly, Members will only be obligated to comply with requests to the extent legally required, but may choose to comply with other requests in their sole discretion.
Access and correct your Personal Information
Much of your Personal Information is available in your account. Your name, email address, and other identifiable profile information is editable through the profile settings in your account except as noted below. Your account dashboard lists all current and archived courses in which you have enrolled and includes links to any Verified Certificates you may have earned. The dashboard also contains copies of your answers and other participation and performance in courses. Please contact learner support to access and update this or other information. If your request involves information controlled by a Member, learner support will notify the appropriate Member of your request.

  • Usernames cannot ever be changed. This is an system restriction. Because usernames identify you in courses and elsewhere on the Site, encourages you to use discretion in choosing your username. If you want to protect your identity, do not use your real name or a name identifiable to you as your username.
  • does not track or index every time or every place on the Site when or where a learner may volunteer Personal Information, so neither nor Members will be able to help you locate or manage all such instances. encourages you to use discretion before volunteering Personal Information on the Site.

Restrict or object to the processing of Personal Information
If you want to manage emails and other communications to you, you may update your preferences in your account dashboard, follow the steps described in links at the bottom of email messages, or contact learner support. You may object to, or request that or a Member stop, its use of your Personal Information for other purposes by contacting the learner support team. If your request involves information controlled by a Member, learner support will notify the appropriate Member of your request. Please note that if you choose to restrict’s or a Member’s ability to process Personal Information, and the processing is otherwise required to provide you with various services and products offered on the Site, you may not be able to establish an user account or enroll for a course, and or a Member may not be able to provide you with those services or products.
Delete account and Personal Information
To request deletion of your account and Personal Information, you should click the button labeled “Delete my account” in your account settings. Because deletion on the system is a permanent action and cannot be reversed, may ask you to complete a process that aims to confirm your authority to manage the account affected by your request.
With respect to your account, will permanently:

  • deactivate your account,
  • remove the active profile,
  • retire your username, and
  • remove you from email lists.

With respect to your Personal Information, will permanently delete your account profile Personal Information from the Site.
As noted above, to the extent that associates the information that collects directly or indirectly with an individual (for example, you), the association is based on Personal Information in your account profile. By erasing the Personal Information in your account profile, the remaining information about your activity on the Site will no longer be associated with you, except as noted below.
These changes will be applied to data stores that are used for operation of the Site including course administration by Members. If you enrolled in any courses on the Site, the learner support team will share your request with the Members that offered those courses.

Exceptions :

  • Deletion will not apply to historical activity logs or archives unless and until these logs and data naturally “age-off” the system.
  • does not track or index every time or every place on the Site when or where a learner may volunteer Personal Information, so neither nor Members will be able to help you locate or manage all such instances. encourages you to use discretion before voluntarily sharing your Personal Information on the Site.
  • will archive course data (in a manner and to the extent permitted under applicable law) to serve its mission to enable scientific research on cognitive science and education. These archives are used to produce encrypted research data packages for Members, and Personal Information may not be deleted from research data packages retained by Members.
  • and each applicable Member cannot always delete records of past interactions and transactions. For example, records relating to previous purchases on the Site must be retained for financial reporting, audit, and compliance reasons.
  • and each Member will retain and use Personal Information as necessary to comply with its legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce its agreements, and as otherwise permitted by applicable law.

Data retention controls its own copy of information collected through the Site and has an information security program designed to protect information in its possession or control. This is done through a variety of privacy and security policies, processes, and procedures. uses administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that reasonably and appropriately protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information that it collects, receives, stores, or transmits. Nonetheless, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure; and therefore, cannot guarantee its absolute security. While works hard to ensure the integrity and security of its network and systems, cannot guarantee that its security measures will prevent “hackers” or other unauthorized persons from illegally accessing or obtaining information.
If learns of a security breach involving its copy of your Personal Information, may attempt to notify you electronically so that you may take appropriate protective steps. By using the Site or providing Personal Information to, you agree that can communicate with you electronically regarding security, privacy, and administrative issues relating to your use of the Site. If a security systems breach occurs, may post a notice on the homepage ( or elsewhere on the Site and may send an email to you at the email address associated with your account. Depending on where you are located, you may have a legal right to receive notice of a security breach, involving your Personal Information, in writing.
If a Member learns of a security breach involving that Member’s copy of your Personal Information, the Member may attempt to notify you electronically so that you may take appropriate protective steps. By enrolling in a Member’s course on the Site or providing Personal Information to the Member, you agree that the Member can communicate with you electronically regarding security, privacy, and administrative issues relating to your course enrollment and participation. If a security systems breach occurs, the affected Member may post a notice on the site and/or send an email to you at the email address associated with your enrollment in the Member’s course on the Site. Depending on where you are located, you may have a legal right to receive notice of a security breach, involving your Personal Information, in writing.


This Privacy Policy will be reviewed and updated from time to time. When changes are made, the Privacy Policy will be labeled as “Revised (date),” indicating that you should review the new terms, which will be effective immediately upon posting on this page, with an updated effective date. By accessing the Site after any changes have been made, you accept the modified Privacy Policy and any changes contained therein. In case you miss the notification referenced above, be sure to return to this page periodically to ensure familiarity with the most current version of this Privacy Policy.


If you have privacy concerns, have disclosed data you would prefer to keep private, or would like to access the Personal Information that maintains about you, please contact us at You may also write to us at: ATTN: PRIVACY, DocMode, Docmode Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,Office No: 201, Kalpataru Plaza, Chincholi Bunder Rd, Nadiyawala Colony 2 Malad West, Mumbai-400064,Maharashtra. If your request involves a Member, will notify the appropriate Member of your request.
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Cookies are unique identifiers usually in the form of small data files placed on your device that send certain information about your activity on the Site or in an email communication back to or the authorized third party that served the cookie. or third parties may also use Flash cookies. Site consists of all content and pages located within the web domain and all mobile applications.

Member is each educational institution or other leading global institution or entity that provides courses through the Site.

Personal Information is information that specifically identifies you or that, when combined with other information, could be used to identify you.

Tracking Technologies are web beacons, clear gifs, pixels, and similar technologies that are also unique identifiers used to track your online activity but are not stored on your device.

Verified Certificate is a virtual certificate that shows that you have successfully completed your course or program and verified your identity using your webcam and your acceptable form of photo ID.

Effective Date:
April 3rd, 2019