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‘Seed to Soil’: ISAR’s digital initiative with DocMode

Mumbai, February 29, 2020: DocMode, a global online medical learning platform for outcome-based education, will be associating itself with ISAR (Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction) for implementing ‘Seed to Soil’; the latter’s digital initiative for specialists in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

 ‘Seed to Soil’ comprises a series of online live lectures on ART that is expected to assist about 4000 members of ISAR (including gynecologists and embryologists) and other participating doctors, on the latest developments in assisted reproductive surgery. It would also allow an even more in-depth understanding through various case studies and aid in guidelines.

The lectures, each of 90 minute-duration, are available to ISAR members for viewing free of cost on the DocMode website.

Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, President of ISAR, said: “ISAR has always been trying to train and mentor young infertility specialists. Through the webinars, eminent personalities would address a lot of topics, which would, in turn, encourage health experts towards protocol-based management of infertility patients in the country.”

As of now, two lectures have already been held—the first titled ‘Right Choice Right Time – Case Selection for Infertility Management’; by Dr. Jaideep Malhotra.  She spoke about the importance of patient selection. Under infertility management, patient selection is a crucial process where an evaluating surgeon decides whether to accept responsibility for the treatment of a potential patient. Almost 15 percent of India’s population is subfertile out of which only about four percent reach an ART specialist. And, even when they manage to contact an infertility specialist, they don’t always get the right treatment. The webinar attains significance in this context.

Evidence for surgery

The second lecture recently conducted, focused on ‘Evidence for Surgery in Infertility’; by Dr. Madhuri Patil, Clinical Director of Dr. Patil’s Fertility & Endoscopy Clinic, Bengaluru. “Reproductive surgery is an integral part of the management of an infertile couple. It is used both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. However, one must remember reproductive surgery is not necessary for all patients,” she said. The webinar is an eye-opener for understanding the evidence for reproductive surgery in female infertility.

There would also be a lecture soon by Dr. Narendra Malhotra on ‘Ultrasound and Hysteroscopy- The two magic sticks in the management of infertility’.

“DocMode has been sparing no effort in ensuring continued medical learning for health professionals for some time now, said Hans Lewis, Founder and CEO of DocMode.”  The ‘Seed to Soil’ program is a unique learning initiative by ISAR for its members and also for participating doctors in the scenario of constantly emerging developments. Topics like fertility treatment consist of a wide range of subjects requiring continuous evaluation and DocMode’s association with ISAR will facilitate learning and understanding for doctors who are facing difficulty in participating in seminars and events.

“As infertility specialists or OB/GYN, we always feel at a loss because there are no uniform patterns and no guidelines assisting and directing us in the management of these patients. Hence, the ‘Seed to Soil’ program has been designed to help health experts in algorithmic and protocol-based management of infertile patients,” Dr. Jaideep said.

There will be two lectures every month on the second and fourth Thursday.  In all, there would be 24 lectures in a year with the participation of 24 faculties-both national and international. Don’t miss the lectures on the mentioned days from 3-4 pm!

 About DocMode:

DocMode is a global platform that provides authoritative, comprehensive and interactive learning programs for Health Professionals; Doctors, Nurses, Allied and Medical Students – across the world. The platform encourages scientific, evidence-based practice, documentation, inter-professional, cross-industrial learning, doctor-patient interaction, research work and training skill-based courses. DocMode aims to form a value-based online learning experience for health professionals globally.

About Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction

Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction is the oldest organization for specialists in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Since its establishment in 1991, ISAR has grown from strength to strength with 19 Chapters covering 25 states and over 4000 members to date including gynecologists and embryologists. ISAR is the second-largest infertility society in the world.

ISAR conducts many large conferences and focused workshops across India throughout the year to reach out to a maximum number of specialists. The thrust of ISAR is training and mentoring of young people who are specializing in the field of ART.