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The mhealth revolution is at the door in India.

Mobile healthcare technology, sometimes called mHealth, is already changing the way doctors and patients interact. It is used through mobile phones, tablets and other technology to support or enhance the delivery of healthcare. Medical education apps mean patients have access to information that helps them diagnose their problem even before they consult a doctor. The mHealth revolution, led by relatively young enterprises and might change the face of healthcare.

Mhealth revolution in India will play a key role in improving access and quality of healthcare in the country. Countries such as China, Brazil, and the United States have all turned to mHealth in varying degrees. MHealth has impacted the healthcare ecosystem globally and it is expected to yield positive results in India too. Health solutions will help doctors and patients reduce expenses on account of their spontaneity, automation advancement, and most of all keeping infrastructure lean. The need to visit healthcare centers will be reduced in the coming decade and with that, the associated in-direct cost of accessing healthcare services will be minimized. India becomes a frontrunner in the adoption of digital technologies in the health sector where 76% of healthcare professionals in the country uses DHR’s (digital health records) in their practices. The Indian healthcare industry is moving towards its digitalized operations in a bid to improve the patient experience. Patients started using digital networks to communicate with their doctors to enjoy the benefits of healthcare experience.

A more obvious benefit for doctors is the fact that mHealth apps eliminate most of the physical barriers that exist (especially towards the remote areas). Doctors are no longer limited to a clinic or certain healthcare centers. They can literally carry their practice around in their pocket. This allows for doctors to see more patients and extend their practice to areas that they otherwise could not have imagined.

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