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Transforming Healthcare Through innovative technology

Transforming healthcare is going to by various adaptation in healthcare sector. Reimagine your businesses entirely and rebuild your infrastructure to adopt the ability to learn and thrive through the changes. The healthcare industry is no exception, the healthcare industry has undergone a rapid pace of digitization.

The digital way will come

You will see Artificial intelligence everywhere. The automation is not yet complete. One study found that only 33% of US health care organizations use artificial intelligence technologies. Over half of healthcare professionals predicted that by 2023 there would be AI adoption throughout the healthcare industry. It will be transforming healthcare altogether.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and wear like devices

Hospitals are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to examine patients in real user data from wearable monitors. Not only you will see a reduction in re-admissions and emergency room visits, but your expense of in-home nursing visits will also decrease.

Customization of products

Customization and consumer innovation in healthcare are going to be a hard reality and practical. By this, you will not only solve real-world problems and allow consumers to monitor their health, but you can also allow them to take care of themselves instead of a visit to the physician’s office. One example of innovation is FDA-cleared, clinical grade personal EKG monitor by AliveKor. The device does medical-grade EKG  in 30 seconds anywhere, any time. The best part is it works with most smartphones and tablets. You can put your fingers and see your results instantly.

Telehealth and digitization

Through digital healthcare, even if you cannot make it to the office you will get the service. The same is true for hospital admitted patients. Nurses can take care more. The use of digital platforms supplements their normal rounds and duties just by answering a patients’ call at their stations. They can have more opportunities to engage with the patients who needed more. This is especially for elderly patients.

Technology can altogether change the Indian health sector. It will help the government to transform and enhance quality in healthcare, enable data integrity. This will bring up policy changes. Taking strong private innovation and policies, public digital infrastructure can be overall societal good.

The infant mortality rate has dropped from 161 per thousand in 1960 to less than 30 per thousand today.

The Covid19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for a better and more resilient national health system.

To overcome its healthcare system and meet the challenges of the future, India will need to massively deploy technology and transform every step of healthcare delivery to make health more accessible, empowering and productive. The Digital Health Identity can help India develop a universal healthcare system based on electronic health records and electronic health centres. Having vertical electronic health records will make it easier for physicians and healthcare professionals to gain accurate, personalized views of each person’s journey.

Invest in a robust digital architecture that will be transforming healthcare platforms and networks across the country.

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