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What the doctors learnt while fighting the pandemic

What medical doctors have learned about fighting the Covid-19 pandemic:

• Patients are at greater threat of blood clots, and blood-thinning agents can help.

• “Proning” – putting sufferers on their stomachs to relieve pressure on the lungs – can stave off the need for mechanical ventilation.

• Besides the respiration system and lungs, the coronavirus can assault many different organs, along with the heart, liver, kidneys, and brain.

• The most promising treatments so far seem to be the anti-viral remdesivir; dexamethasone, a steroid to fight against the body’s inflammatory reaction to Covid-19; and plasma donated by sufferers who’ve antibodies to the disease.

• More widespread checking out and faster consequences help relieve pressure on hospitals.

• Information-sharing amongst health professionals global is crucial.

• Prevention is critical. Doctors are counting on the general public to do their element with exact hygiene, mask, and social distancing.

Some of the biggest unknowns about covid-19 which we are still fighting against pandemic:

• Exactly which remedies will work for which sufferers.

• How quickly some treatments will gain huge distribution, particularly remdesivir.

• How lengthy it’s going to take for Covid-19 sufferers to recover.

• The lengthy-time period results of the infection.

“If the best lesson we’ve learned is to turn patients onto their stomachs instead of their backs,” stated Valory Wangler, leader clinical officer at Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services, in Gallup, New Mexico, “it means we’re far from a miracle cure.”

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