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Asprinol-19, Triple Active Formula for COVID-19

There are some lucky people who won over Covid-19. These are the people who never got infected. What would be the reasons for some people to never get infected in this global pandemic? 1

Eating right, taking care of your mental health & avoiding smoking, are some of the prerequisites required to have a healthy status to fight the infection caused by Covid-19. Moreover, taking precautions such as wearing masks even in indoor places, taking vaccines including the booster dose, and avoiding unnecessary travel and gatherings have helped us in the Covid-19 pandemic. But other than the precautions, it is also the immune system that has a major impact in resisting the infection 1,2.

The immune system of your body is a network of cells, molecules, tissues, and organs. Immunity protects us from any infections and diseases. Many nutrients help in functioning of the immune system2. Important nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, D, iodine, selenium, and niacinamide enhance our immunity against infections 2,3.

Asprinol-19 has the essential nutrients that help to promote immunity in addition to Aspirin and Promethazine. They have beneficial effects viz., anti-thrombotic and antihistaminic effects respectively4. Asprinol-19 has Triple Active Formula in a combi-pack, backed by dose-specific clinical evidence. This  Each dose has Aspirin (150mg) + Promethazine (5 mg) + Multivitamin / Multimineral Tablet. This enhances the body’s immune system significantly. Moreover, Asprinol-19 offers to aid in combating long Covid symptoms & complications4,5.


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