• Price 150$

  • Language English

  • Course Start Date: July 2, 2021

About this program

SCB-Academy for eye care education, L V Prasad Eye Institute over the last three decades has been constantly brining the optometry and ophthalmology education, new initiatives to cater to the global needs of the eye care eco-system. C 2 C (class to clinics), is yet another education initiative brought by our optometry team. This is a unique case-based learning approach, in which an optometrist shares his own experience in examining and managing the case. Moderator of the session will further elucidate the nuances in managing the case and underlying theoretical concepts in understanding of the particular case and its management. Q & A session will allow participants to ask and get clarified further doubts in managing the case. This unique learning method allows the participants to present their own case and interact with moderator in managing that particular case. The cases will be delivered as modules, which cover the wide spectrum of ocular diseases in various optometry sub-specialties. At the end of this series, you will be able to apply the case-based learning knowledge into your clinical practice in managing the patients in optometry practice.

The Class 2 Clinics series, 2 ophthalmic cases are presented every week for 50 weeks. The program is crafted to cover all the ophthalmology and optometry sub-specialty cases. Earn a certificate on successful completion of this C2C series

Session starts from December 2021 onwards
Every Thursday and Saturday , 7 AM IST1

Unique skill transfer course via case-based learning approach

Initially a case would be presented followed by panel/faculty discussion on the theoretical concepts and finer clinical nuances of the case for better understanding of the attendees.

What does this program offer?

  • A unique approach of case-based learning
  • Covers Optometry core sub-specialities
  • Opportunity to learn from the masters/ leaders
  • Exposure to wide spectrum of ocular diseases and its management
  • A conducive platform to promote and enhance your talent

Why should I join it?:

The course in meant for Optometrists in training and in practice. You might have experienced gaps in theoretical concepts and their practical application in the clinic. By taking this course we attempt to bridge this gap.

If I am enrolled already in the optometry program or practicing elsewhere, will I still benefit by attending this program?

Yes! The unique design of the program will help you to develop a holistic perspective of optometry by enhancing your knowledge through interesting and captivating learning experience.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Able to identify different clinical signs and symptoms of most common ocular diseases
  • Advise appropriate investigations and diagnostics
  • Able to manage optometry sub-specialty cases
  • Able to refer appropriate cases to next level of care and co-managing patients with multi-disciplinary teams

Topics covered in the case presentations: