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Demand for Homeopathy medicine spikes due to COVID-19

Many patients are taking preventive COVID-19 medicines which mostly include homeopathy medicines. Due to which demand for homeopathy medicine is rising, people are not only flooding the government homeopathic centers where they are available or free but also at private clinics. Demand for Homeopathy medicine is increasing because Homeopathy also enjoys support from politicians, celebrities, and healthcare providers. Homeopathy has become a complementary system of medicine and a primary healthcare option to treat both acute and chronic medical problems from being an alternative system of medicine.

There are several causes that have contributed to the worldwide popularity of homeopathy:

  • Homeopathy is on par with allopathic drugs, due to standardization, which happens at a rapid rate in developing countries. 
  • The ‘placebo hypothesis’ has been debunked by several clinical studies and has shown that homeopathy has a scientific basis and actually works.
  • The scope of homeopathy-curable illnesses is now much broader than previously believed. In the long-term treatment of patients with chronic diseases, research shows that homeopathic medical therapy may play a beneficial role. ENT, digestive, cardiovascular and osteoarticular conditions, as well as behavioral and psychological disorders, are some of the diseases that respond to homeopathic care.
  • Compared to other medications, homeopathic medicines are very inexpensive.

We need to integrate homeopathy into traditional medical systems in order to promote the practice of homeopathy and this is only possible when governments and the medical fraternity take constructive steps together. It is important to encourage clinical study by opening up hospital facilities for homeopathic clinical practice, so that controlled trials can be performed on the basis of the specifics of their practice. All homeopathic medicines should comply with standards for pharmacopeia and safety criteria.

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