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Basic Clinical Manual of Magnetic Overdenture


Dental Technology, Prosthodontics

1st Edition 2010

Hiroshi Mizutani


Published by : Quintessence


This book and CD-ROM set is an essential guide for the clinical application of magnetic attachments in removable appliances. When used appropriately and in well-designed prostheses, magnetic attachments provide straightforward and esthetic solutions for prosthodontic rehabilitation. In addition to an overview of the basic principles of magnetic attachment, the chapters cover the indications and applications of magnetic components, step-by-step protocols for fabrication of magnetic overdentures, and maintenance and long-term care. This concise and fully illustrated manual, with its accompanying CD-ROM, is an excellent resource for any clinician interested in successful esthetic outcomes with magnetic attachments.

Chapter 1. Outline of Magnetic Attachments
Chapter 2. Application of Magnetic Attachments
Chapter 3. Fabrication of Magnetic Dentures
Chapter 4. Maintenance
Chapter 5. Relining
Chapter 6. Notes
Chapter 7. List of Bonding Materials and Attached Devices

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Edition 1st Edition 2010


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