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Dental Team Companion


General Dentistry, Practice Management, Dental Team

Series: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Volume 36 1st Edition 2009

Mabel Slater


Published by : Quintessence


The dental team approach is the future of oral healthcare provision. Team members must have shared goals, understand their roles and responsibilities and must react to situations as a team. This book promotes the adoption of the team approach so important in modern oral healthcare provision.

Chapter 01. Changing society: moving with the times
Chapter 02. Understanding and respect: caring for patients with special needs
Chapter 03. Patient interaction: engendering trust and confidence
Chapter 04. Handling patient complaints: negative to positive outcomes
Chapter 05. Making the working environment safe
Chapter 06. The workplace
Chapter 07. Team roles and responsibilities
Chapter 08. Efficiency and effectiveness
Chapter 09. Stress avoidance
Chapter 10. Handling disputes
Chapter 11. Companies and commerce
Chapter 12. Working with company representitives
Chapter 13. What is professionalism?
Chapter 14. Confidentiality, consent and recording keeping
Chapter 15. Observing regulations
Chapter 16. Keeping up to date

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Edition Series: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Volume 36 1st Edition 2009


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