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Dia-Dent ML.029 G.P.Points



DIA 2% GP (120 pk)/ PP (200 pk)

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Product Details:

  • DiaDent gutta percha points are hand Jig rolled in Korea and China. Hand jigs produce a point with a smooth round tip, which provides optimal apical seal.
  • DiaDent’s GP are latex free and radiopaque.
    M= Millimeter Marked
    L= Laser Inspected
    .029 = +- .029 diameter tolerance.

    Key Features:

    • Millimeter markings provide a quick and easy method for
    depth measurements
    • Eliminates apex perforations
    • Save chair time with pre-measured points
    • +/- .029 diameter tolerance ensures an excellent fit to the files
    • Latex free, radiopaque and hand rolled
    • Each size is color coded
    • Length = 28 mm +/- 1
    • Standard taper = .02 taper


    • Quick and easy for root canal filling with 0.029 diameter tolerance. 

       Technical Data:

    • 0.029 diameter tolerance.


    • Box of 120 points.


    • #8,#10,#15,#20,#25,#30,#35,#40,#45,#50,#55,#60,#70,#80,#15-40,#45-80

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