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Implant Prosthodontics – Protocols and Techniques for Fixed Implant Restorations


Implantology, Prosthodontics

1st Edition 2022

Schoenbaum, Todd R.

Published by : Quintessence


This beautiful book was written as a guide for the clinical practice of restoring implants in partially edentulous patients with fixed restorations. It provides the essentials of implant prosthodontic workflows and protocols based on the best available current evidence—and in stunning fashion too. As an educator, the author has designed the book so that readers may search for the specific procedure they intend to perform and have a concise guide on how to properly execute it. Each chapter provides guidance on selecting an appropriate protocol or restoration, explains the rationale for the given procedure, and provides a detailed step-by-step protocol followed by special considerations and potential complications. Many of the techniques also feature a QR code linking to a video demonstration of the procedure. To make the book maximally applicable and remove any erroneous extrapolation from one system to another, the author has included directions and photographic demonstrations for three of the major implant manufacturers—Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and BioHorizons. In addition, a robust appendix at the back of the book includes checklists for nearly every procedure in the book; these can be photocopied or accessed electronically via QR codes for download to ensure that each step of each procedure is performed properly. All in all, this is the most attractive and useful book on implant restoration you’ll find.

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Edition 1st Edition 2022


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