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ISCCM- Workshop and CME on Antimicrobial Stewardship

3rd September 2022, Taj Lands End Mumbai


About the Event:-

An optimal use of antibiotics is vital in effectively treating infections and at the same time protecting patients  by unnecessary antibiotic use and counter antibiotic resistance. The Antibiotic Stewardship Program is designed to discuss the latest evidence and suggestions that can be applied to optimize antibiotic prescribing amongst the physicians.


Speakers for the Event :

Dr. Sujata Mehta ,Dr. Indraneel Raut ,  Dr. Sujata Mehta , Dr. Indraneel Raut,  Dr. Amol Kothekar & Dr. Arindam Kar ,  Dr. Arindam Kar, Dr. Simran Singh, Dr. Rahul Pandit ,Dr. Prashant Borade , Dr. Rahul Pandit & Dr. Prashant Borade, Dr. Vatsal Kothari, Dr Harshad Limaye , Dr. Swami Pawar, Dr. Bharat Jagaisi, Dr. Shruti Tandon



18:55- 19:00 :-Inauguration

19:00- 19:20 :-Common Practices & Components For Implementation of (ams) Antimicrobial Stewardship – Dr. Akshay Challani

19:20- 19:40 :-How To Interpret An Antibiogram: Stepwise Approach -Dr.Tanu Singhal

19:40- 19:55 :-Tea Break

19:55- 20:15 :-Understanding Pk/pd For Antibiotic Selection In Icu -Dr. Sagar Sinha

20:15- 20:35 :- Applying Molecular Diagnostic Techniques To Ams -Dr. Nikhil Varge

20:35- 20:55 :-Choose Antibiotic Judiciously For Mdr/xdr/pdr – Dr. Laxman Jessani

20:55- 21:15 :-Empiric Antibiotic Selection for Severe CAP – Dr. Sanjith Saseedharan

21:15- 21:35 :-Changing Icu Epidemiology Post Covid Era: Emerging Mrsa & New Antibiotic From India On Horizon – Dr Gunjan

21:35- 22:05 :- Levonadifloxacin: Place in ICU – Dr. Abdul Ansari


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