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LuxaCore-Z Dual



LuxaCore Z- Dual AM (A3/BLUE/LO) *48 gm ctrg

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  • Product Details:
    • Feels like natural dentine for precise preparation.. It is no. 1 in USA and achieved REALITY award. Prominent feature of trend setting LuxaCoreZ-Dual with zirconium dioxide: it cuts like natural dentine, thus allowing for a very easy and smooth preparation.
  • Key Features:
    • Dentin like cuttability: smooth preparation
    • Exceptionally high compressive strength 380MPa: Reliable stability under crown
    • ¬†Excellent flow properties: optimal adaptation
    • Reliable polymerization: No layering required
    • Setting time can be determined by the user
    • ¬†Immediate final hardness
    • Direct application with intraoral tips and End-tips: specially designed for root canals.
    • Dual-cure: flexible treatment process
  • Indications:
    • Core build up and post cementation.
  • Technical Data:
    • Working time(mins) 1.30,
    • Setting time in mouth(mins) 5.00,
    • Layer<2mm(s) 20,
    • Layer<4mm(s) 40,
    • Compressive strength(MPa) 380,
    • Flexural strength(MPa) 150.
  • Packaging:
    • AM-48ml cartridge
  • Types/ Shades:
    • AM-A3,AM-Blue

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