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Mini-Implants The Orthodontics of the Future



1st Edition 2014

Ellouze, Skander / Darqué, Francois

Published by : Quintessence


Mini-implants offer a useful orthodontic anchorage solution with relatively simple placement that does not rely on patient cooperation and is reliable. This comprehensive book presents the essentials of orthodontic treatment using mini-implants and outlines selection, placement, biomechanics, diagnosis, and treatment strategies. The authors detail the biomechanical application of mini-screw-supported alveolar anchorage in precise and effective therapeutic protocols to treat every type of malocclusion, including orthodontic movements that were difficult or even impossible to achieve previously. The authors also discuss the management of mini-implants in multidisciplinary treatment. With clearly defined indications, codified protocols, and reproducible therapeutic efficacy and clinical results, this book details a full-fledged treatment system that uses mini-implants to achieve functional and esthetic outcomes.

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Edition 1st Edition 2014


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