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Piezoelectric Bone Surgery A New Paradigme


Oral & Maxillofacial surgery

1st Edition 2020

Vercellotti, Tomaso

Published by : Quintessence


This book from the inventor of Piezosurgery provides the practical information clinicians need to successfully integrate piezoelectric bone surgery into their practices to improve outcomes in oral surgery and dental implantology. The first half of the book introduces basic piezoelectric principles, including the clinical characteristics of piezoelectric cutting, the technology of the ultrasonic device, and the ultra-osseointegration process, and a surgical skills chapter includes practical exercises to prepare readers to use the piezoelectric device. The clinical chapters in the second half of the book guide readers through step-by-step piezoelectric surgical protocols for dental extractions, implantology, sinus augmentation, bone grafting, and ridge expansion, followed by case studies illustrating each technique. This book is an excellent reference for readers looking for a comprehensive introduction to Piezosurgery as well as experienced clinicians interested in perfecting these precise and minimally invasive techniques.

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Edition 1st Edition 2020


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