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Surgical Management of Maxillofacial Fractures


Oral & Maxillofacial surgery

1st Edition 2019

Sawatari, Yoh

Published by : Quintessence


The facial skeleton is comprised of vertical and horizontal buttresses and the intersections they create; maxillofacial fractures occur when these buttresses sustain more force than they can withstand. The objective when managing these fractures is to reverse this damage and restore appropriate facial dimensions. Not all fractures propagate in the same pattern, so surgeons must compartmentalize the face and define the character of the individual bones. This book focuses on the face one bone at a time, outlining how to evaluate each type of fracture, the indications for surgery, the surgical management, and any complications. Specific protocols for clinical, radiographic, and CT assessment are included, as well as step-by-step approaches for surgical access and internal reduction and fixation. Isolated fractures are rare with maxillofacial trauma, and the author discusses how to sequence treatment for concomitant fractures to ensure the most successful outcome. This book is a must-have for any surgeon managing maxillofacial fractures.

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Edition 1st Edition 2019


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