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Twenty-First Century Imaging


Dental Radiology & Photography, General Dentistry

Keith Horner / Nicholas Drage / David Brettle


Published by : Quintessence


Imaging is a key part of clinical practice. To maximise the potential benefit to their patients, dentists need to have an understanding of how imaging systems work. In the 21st century, we are faced with major technological developments in radiology, of which many dentists will be unfamiliar. This book aims to address these challenges by providing a comprehensive introduction to state-of-the-art dental imaging, in particular to the complexities of digital radiology and the advanced techniques available for cross-sectional imaging.

Chapter 01. The Historical Perspective
Chapter 02. Intraoral X-ray Equipment and Imaging
Chapter 03. Panoramic Equipment and Imaging
Chapter 04. Conventional Image Receptors
Chapter 05. Digital Imaging
Chapter 06. Direct Digital Imaging
Chapter 07. Indirect Digital Imaging
Chapter 08. Image Storage and Handling
Chapter 09. Implant Imaging

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