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Eye protection guide: How to choose the Right Safety Glasses

Many workplaces involve dangerous occupational risks due to the falling of objects or sharp objects. These can injure a person’s body and make them permanently disabled. One of the most common occupational hazards seen is eye injury at construction sites, during sports or working with machinery, etc. Right safety glasses play a very important role in keeping a person safe from getting eye trauma, harmful chemicals, and debris into the eyes or simply protecting them after eye surgery. Choosing the right protective eyewear, especially for those who wear contact lenses or who are involved in high-risk sports such as racquetball, tennis, squash, handball, ice hockey, baseball, boxing, etc. can involve a serious decision-making process.  

You may have seen some factory staff or some scientists use those safety glasses. These safety glasses are much like regular eyeglasses that one would wear for reading, except that they are slightly larger, have different lens thickness and shade. People who work in an environment where their eyes need to be covered, need to get safety glasses compulsorily. Your ophthalmologist can help you find the right safety glasses or any protective eyewear for your needs, he will inquire about your career, your hobbies, and what sports you play. 

Choosing a good lens

Both lenses should, first and foremost, be made of polycarbonate. The strongest lens material available is polycarbonate, so it’s also the safest option for both safety glasses and sports goggles. All polycarbonate lenses absorb ultraviolet light and are scratch-resistant; there is no need for any more ultraviolet or anti-scratch coatings. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be harmful to the eyes. For example, goggles with polycarbonate lenses are required if you work with power tools. Make sure the label shows that the goggles follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1 standard. The security requirements for lenses are set by ANSI.

Choosing the correct lens thickness

You may not be mindful or note the difference, but you can see a difference in the thickness of the lens if you look closely at various safety glasses. When buying safety glasses, you need to make sure you choose one that has the correct thickness for the job you’re going to use it for. You need to get a thicker lens for your safety glasses if you are operating at a location where heavy, flying objects such as metals or stone will be present. You may not need a significant amount of thickness for your glass lens if you only need such safety glasses to prevent dust or other particles from entering your eyes.

Choosing the correct lens shade

Safety glasses not only have differences in the thickness of the lens but also have differences in the lens color. You may want to get protective glasses that have a darker color if your job includes dealing with bright lights or being exposed to a bright environment. With higher light transmission, you can get eye protection if there is no issue with a bright atmosphere or if you are not concerned about glare. You can tell by the number displayed on the lens if you want to find out how much more shading a particular lens has.

Choosing the right safety glasses with proper rating

In the industry, there are several eye-protection gears that might seem fine but do not work as well. Checking how well they are scored is one way of finding out if a certain pair of safety glasses is fine. You should then review the rating to make sure it is a decent product after you have reached a final decision as to what kind of eye protection you are going to get. If there are several good reviews and ratings on a certain eye protection gear, you know that it is the right one for you.

When searching for the ideal pair of safety glasses, it would be wise to remember these things. You will not fall into the pit of having the wrong eye protection gear when you keep these tips on getting the right eye protection in mind. Everyone can find a healthy, fun, and stylish pair of safety glasses with today’s available fashion eyewear. It is important to consider all options and choose the right safety glasses before choosing.

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