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    May 15, 2023 to May 30, 2025

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About This Course

Objective of the course: To discuss in-depth the common issue in Mechanical Ventilation.

This course has a unique content structure for an in depth study and discussion in Mechanical ventilation. Needless to say that Mechanical ventilation is one of the backbones in the intensive care unit. Anyone who intends to practice the art of critical care needs to have a multidimensional knowledge of all the scenarios that he/she would encounter during mechanical ventilation anticipated and unanticipated events crop up with mechanical ventilation and so anyone involved in the care of such patients needs the knowledge and acumen to deal with such events.

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Meet the Instructors

HOD- Critical Care, S.L.Raheja Hospital

Dr. Sanjith presently heads the Department of Critical Care at S.L. Raheja Hospital. He has done his basic training in anaesthesia from the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Municipal and General Hospital following which he has done his training in critical care medicine from the Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune. He developed a keen interest in neurotrauma, neurocritical care and nutrition in these institutes and hence went on to complete a Fellowship in Neuroanaesthesia and Neurocritical care at the 2000 bedded Hadassah university teaching hospital at Israel where he trained under stalwarts like Charles Sprung and Charles Weissmann and is one of the few critical care physicians to have a substantial training fellowship in Neurocritical care overseas. He also holds the European Diploma in intensive care. Dr. Sanjith has been at the forefront of teaching and is presently a teacher for the Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine course (from the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine), Fellowship Course in Critical Care Medicine from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and the Indian Diploma in Critical Care Nursing. He has received the award for the best innovation for his application “iNutrimon” a nutrition support software for hospitalized patients. His passion in the field of mechanical ventilation is the driver for the annual conference that he conducts in the city of Mumbai year after year. He has 35 articles in peer reviewed journals.

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What you will learn

  • Owing to the case based format of this course, the learner will be exposed to repeated questions, pitfalls, roadblocks and recommendations with mechanical ventilating patients in the intensive care unit. This course is unique as it will also help to make the learner understand why the marked answer is wrong or right with clear explanations. Each of the modules is based on a case and hence will be practically oriented. Apart from this, the course director will answer all queries if any at a designated blogsite that will be shared with the learner.
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Target Audience

Physicians, Respiratory Therapists, ICU doctors from any field, Anesthesia Technicians, Anesthetists, Emergency Medicine doctors, and Nurse Practitioners.

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A certificate would be generated once the candidate has completed 84% of the course online. The certification will give confidence to the learner to ventilate patients in a safe and better way.

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Course FAQs

The course is organized into 8 modules and includes additional on resources specific to each one. Registration for the course is always open and participants may begin the course at any time.

INR 5000 + GST

As soon as you enroll in this course, you will have access to all the videos and quizzes.

This course will require some working knowledge in the field of mechanical ventilation. This course can be taken by anyone (physicians, respiratory therapists, ICU doctors from any field, anesthesia technicians, anesthetists, emergency medicine doctors, nurse practitioners) who are involved in ventilating patients and hence have some basic knowhow in the field. Doctors and respiratory therapists who have completed anesthetics, critical care and ICU/emergency medicine rotations will find this course very useful and helpful and will help them to hone their skills and knowledge.

If you pay for this course, you will have access to all the modules of the course and access to much sought after mechanical ventilation workshop videos conducted in Mumbai.

Yes, relevant work experience is beneficial as the courses on help practicing and aspiring healthcare professionals.