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Medical check up by ‘Health ATM’ in less than a minute

Health ATM has been a newer technological advancement. Medical workers are not ready to work in villages. An ophthalmologist in rural India is not a solution. Nobody addresses the problem of a shortage of hospitals and doctors in the same way. There is fault tolerance and scalability, and we know that a solution is technology. Now, thanks to these three Musketeers, you can walk into a health ATM and check your health in 5 minutes using an instant print or SMS report. Basic diagnostic tests are done in health ATM ,all with “human contact”. This includes measuring blood pressure, blood glucose, electrocardiogram, haemoglobin, lipid profile, BMI, fat, muscle, body temperature and oxygen saturation.

At the Indian Petroleum Corporation in the business centre of Mumbai, British Columbia, they have adequate sanitation. Today there are 16 YOLO Health kiosks, centres and government medical institutions in India, if you need a blood test, the staff will prick your finger, smear the blood on a ready-made stick, transfer it to the YOLO Health kiosk, and you will get results, achievements. YOLO Health kiosks are installed at 25,308 APS nationwide. In India, there is one doctor per 1,674 people, compared with the minimum World Health Organization standard of 1: 1000 doctor-patient ratio. Use technology more efficiently. Installing ATMs in health centres, especially in rural areas, can help improve these services. Shortly, a local health facility will begin training technicians on these machines. 

CM Yogi Adityanath said, “There are many good doctors in the cities who do not want to work in this area.”

 The medical health ATM is a cloud-based platform that provides telemedicine, which is why Premjit says good doctors can serve patients in rural areas. a patient. During a video call with a patient, doctors can also check and access the patient’s vital signs and past medical records. The company has installed 400 medical ATMs across the country, and about 100 have moved to the smart city of Lucknow. 

The minister announced on July 2 that medical ATMs would be reactivated in the state, officials said the districts were not yet informed about how many ATMs they need to install and how they work.

 “We have heard about this project and would like medical ATMs to be installed here. However, we have not yet received orders or instructions from the state to install them or how to do it, ”said chief physician Sunil Sharma, GB.Nagar. 

Ultra-fast and hassle-free medical check-in will soon become a reality for everyone with an ATM-like kiosk that helps people sign up and check in with over 55 basic and advanced users. This high-tech diagnostic system provides instant reports of test runs in minutes in print and electronic format. and test reports. The user being executed can print the assignment report and the same report will be saved on the user history page. Users can view any of your past reports and email or print them.

All previous mission reports are available here. Users can also attach external lab test reports via USB or upload them via email and upload the same reports to their Swayam AHM account.

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