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70% of Covid patients, survivors face acute sleep problems

There has been a huge surge in insomnia and other sleep-related problems post-Covid 19 in India and elsewhere as one of the long lasting health impacts of the viral infection.  According to sleep specialists, at least one third people who got infected with SARS CoV-2 have been suffering from ‘Coronasomnia’ — a phenomenon  that was found during the pandemic. According to medical experts this disorder needs counselling, sticking to a regular daily schedule, diversion of attention from anxious or sorrowful thoughts, meditation and, in a few cases, use of sleep hormones like Melatonin.  An earlier study, published in the Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery, had reported that sleep disorders were very commonly reported during the novel Coronavirus-19 pandemic either in the acute phase of COVID-19 infection or after recovery. These sleep problems might have a drastic burden on the recovered patients’ life, the study pointed out.

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