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AstraZeneca reveals additional data on Tezspire in asthma

AstraZeneca has revealed results from the latest pooled post-hoc analysis of its NAVIGATOR Phase III and PATHWAY Phase IIb trials on Tezpire (tezepelumab-ckko), demonstrating safety and efficacy of Tezspire in a broad population of severe asthma patients. The company highlighted that Tezspire, when added to standard of care (SoC), reduced asthma exacerbations in patients irrespective of baseline blood eosinophil counts, demonstrating consistent efficacy with a 71 percent,  48 percent and 48 percent reduction in the AAER over 52 weeks, compared to placebo added to SoC. Additionally, the  pre-specified exploratory analysis from NAVIGATOR also showed the consistent efficacy of the drug throughout the year regardless of seasons – reducing the annualised asthma exacerbation rate (AAER) by 63 percent (winter), 46 percent (spring), 62 percent (summer) and 54 percent (autumn), compared to placebo.

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