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COPD patients with couple of exacerbations a year at risk of more attacks, high costs

COPD patients with recent moderate or severe exacerbations, or at least two exacerbations per year are at significant risk for future exacerbations and incur higher all-cause costs, observed a recent study. The finding by a team of scientists from the University of Buffalo, New York, AstraZeneca, Biopharmaceuticals Medicala and Wilmington, DE, was based on case analysis of 14,92,108 patients. They found nearly 40 percent of patients, who experienced ≥ 1 moderate and/or severe exacerbations and that patients having multiple exacerbations, regardless of severity were 2– 4 times in a year, are more likely to experience more attacks during year 2 and year 3. In addition, the team also pointed out that COPD-attack related hospitalisations and emergency department (ED) visits accounted for the majority of the medical costs among this Medicare Fee-For-Service population.

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