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Delays in COPD care detrimental to patients’ quality of life 

Any delay in COPD diagnosis and treatment can lead to highly deteriorating effects in the quality life of patients, emphasise the findings of a recent research published in NPJ Primary Care Respiratory Medicine. The study, conducted by Dr Vincent S. Fan, a VA Puget Sound Health Care System investigator, and colleagues, observed that the need for self-reliance, distaste for burdening family members and physicians kept away most patients from seeking care. Dr Fan, in his research report, pointed out that a worrying majority of the patients sought care after reaching a critical point and that “while many patients delayed care, others reported changing their care-seeking behaviour because of a prior episode when they were hospitalised for a severe exacerbation”. Dr Fan and colleagues stressed on the need to sensitise the population and encourage them to seek treatment as and when needed. 

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