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Delhi could be epicentre for a likely fourth wave of Covid-19 in India

Even as India relaxed its Covid-19 restrictions almost fully after witnessing a steady decline in new infections and active caseload since mid-March, medical experts on Sunday expressed serious concerns over the currently emerging situation in Delhi. The capital city, which confirmed 517 new cases on Monday, recorded a 5.33 percent test positive rate (TPR) on Sunday. With the Monday data showing at least 12 percent rise from Sunday, Delhi could become an epicentre for a likely fourth wave in the country, they said. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) is closely monitoring the situation. However, no reports have come from the genetic sequencing laboratories so far identifying the variant of the virus that has caused the sudden surge in cases. Since the threat of newly spreading BA.2 and L452R, a sub-variant of the Omicron and a recombinant variant of the Delta and Omicron variants respectively, is looming large and causing rapid spread in the Western geographies, there is an urgent need for quickly identifying the presence of these variants in the city, the medical experts cautioned.

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