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Gynecologic cancer patients’ symptoms vary greatly between patients and treatment cycles

The symptoms of gynecologic cancer chemotherapy vary greatly between patients and treatment cycles. It is critical to keep track of symptoms on a frequent basis in order to guide symptom treatment. The researchers examined data from 26 individuals with gynecologic malignancies who were taking chemotherapy and reported their symptoms on a daily basis. There were 1562 calls where patients reported symptoms. Sixty-one percent had at least one moderate to severe symptom, while 39 percent reported at least one severe symptom. The most prevalent complaints were weariness (47% of calls), discomfort (41% of calls), and difficulty sleeping (25% of calls). These symptoms frequently coexist. However, the patterns of symptom onset and duration varied between individuals, indicating that regular symptom evaluations might be a better strategy than focusing on certain time periods. The researchers came to a conclusion.

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