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Lung transplants in Covid-associated ARDS

Survival rate in lung transplant in case of Covid-related acute respiratory distress (ARDS) is found to be 100 percent.  A recent, single-center, retrospective case series study by ​Dr ​Kurihara C, Manerikar and team from the Feinberg School of Medicine, found that among the 30 participants with Covid associated ARDS who underwent a lung transplant, all were successful and survived.  The study findings, published in JAMA, revealed that within the cohort, 29 patients with Covid-19-associated ARDS received invasive mechanical ventilation and 1 received noninvasive mechanical ventilation. The researchers said that they wanted to gain more information about the long-term outcomes of patients who have lung transplants after contracting Covid-19-associated ARDS and need further research in this domain, considering the current  study’s small sample size, singular location.

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