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Study: People with COVID-19 may have minor, transitory changes in their menstrual cycle

The study discovered that people with COVID-19 illness may have minor, transitory alterations in their menstrual cycle duration. Around 1,500 unvaccinated subjects who reported COVID-19 sickness had a 1.45-day increase in menstrual cycle duration as compared to their normal cycle length. Researchers highlight, however, that these alterations are small and normally revert to normal in the next cycle after sickness. They believe the alterations are the result of the immune response being temporarily activated during the COVID-19 infection. The researchers reassure that any menstrual abnormalities that occur during or after COVID-19 infection are likely to be minor and transient. They recommend that anyone who notices extended changes in their menstruation visit a doctor. Overall, the study gives useful information on the impacts.

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