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Ocular hypertension and glaucoma

Ocular hypertension is a condition in which the measured eye pressure (intraocular pressure or IOP) is always more than “normal.” However, there may be no apparent harm to the optic nerve as detected via way of means of an eye examination, optic nerve imaging, or proof of field of regard change. In different words, there may be no proof of glaucoma yet. One properly accomplished and important observation that supplied vital records approximately ocular hypertension and the improvement of glaucoma is the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study (OHTS). It confirmed that the price of untreated ocular hypertension sufferers in growing glaucoma turned into 9.5 percentage in five years and 22 percentage at thirteen years, or approximately 2 percentage consistent with year. With remedy, the threat of growing glaucoma turned into decreased via way of means of approximately 50 percent.

So how will we determine whether a patient with ocular hypertension needs to be dealt with? This decision is complex, and need to be undertaken together by each patient and eye physician. The eye physician will remember the findings of the attention exam, risk factor assessment, checking out together with optic nerve imaging and field of regard checking out and the affected person’s options and ability to stick to a treatment plan. The selection to start remedy is in particular vital withinside the case of ocular hypertension patients or glaucoma suspects, due to the fact remedy is long-time period and exposes the affected person to the facet results and prices of treatment. For a few patients, the eye physician and patient will attain the realization that the threat of growing glaucoma is excessive sufficient to justify treatment. The OHTS observe affords a few steering in this subject matter as people with better eye pressures and thinner corneas have been maximum at threat for developing glaucoma.

There also are conditions that are clearer with reference to while a affected person with ocular hypertension should undergo treatment. Patients who show optic nerve harm or field of regard adjustments over the years need to be dealt with because they have got possibly developed early glaucoma. The bottom line is that an affected person with ocular hypertension should have a long-term follow-up with their eye physician to reveal the capacity improvement of glaucoma or to gauge the effectiveness of treatments that are implemented.

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