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Pediatrics Association of India

The Paediatric Association of India (PAI) is an organisation committed to improvement of Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual health of children of this country and it also acts as a protective body for the wellbeing of the doctors and a paramedical institution for children and new-borns. The PAI dedicate itself to the improvement of global health of children from birth onwards irrespective of diversities and backgrounds. It tries to do more for the under privileged children and under privileged areas. The society has dedicated itself in achieving the goals of getting normal new-borns with adequate growth and development potential. The association also looks into the interest of its members working in under privileged areas and in peril either natural or manmade. It also serves as advocates for new born, children and adolescents and help their families with reference to attainment of optimal physical, mental, psychological and social health of children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. It also encourages and advances the knowledge study and practice of the science of pediatrics in all possible ways. Other than this it provides a professional assistance to its member to uplift and upgrade their knowledge from time to time in case of the newborns, children and adolescents. The organization will be the media through which the Doctors caring for children can vent their and the children’s need. The society will facilitate in educating parents, public administrator and policy makers to promote child health. Provide scientific inputs and expertise to individuals, groups, institutions and Government or its agencies in newborn, child and adolescent health with proactive roles in various committees set up by Government of State/Indian Union and agencies working for the betterment of Child care.