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Precision Medicine Coalition: A coalition to drive personalized medicine forward

One of the most prominent medicine technologies that are gaining momentum all over the world is the science of precision medicine. It provides personalized and comprehensive care to patients with a wide range of diseases. Personalized medicine would necessitate improvements in healthcare facilities, diagnostics and therapeutics market models, government and private payer payment strategies, and a new regulatory regulation strategy. Personalized medicine will move medical practices away from reactive disease care and toward proactive disease control, such as screening, early treatment, and prevention, and will change the roles of both doctors and patients. In an industry that has a long history of rejecting information technology, it will increase dependency on electronic medical records and decision support systems. However, in a highly decentralized and market-driven healthcare economy, it is incumbent on stakeholders to advocate for a coherent set of policies and regulations that pave the way for personalized medicine adoption. The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), a nonprofit umbrella organization of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and information technology firms, healthcare providers and payers, patient advocacy groups, business policy associations, major research institutions, and government agencies, was created to meet this need.

The Personalized Medicine Coalition, representing innovators, scientists, patients, providers, and payers, promotes the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts, services, and products to benefit patients and health systems. It provides a framework for these stakeholders to achieve consensus on key public policy issues, a position that will be critical in turning personalized medicine into widespread clinical practice. The Personalized Medicine Coalition‘s priorities and strategies for promoting communication, discussion, and consensus on topics including genetic discrimination, payment systems for pharmacogenomic drugs and diagnostics, legislation, physician training, and medical school curricula, and public education are described in this article.

A newly updated report published by the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) showed that the number of personalized medicines on the market more than doubled between 2016 and 2020 in the United States. Without a proper framework and tailored approach, personalized therapies could have different effects on different patients, allowing some to benefit while others would either not benefit at all or experience adverse effects. The personalized medicine coalition allows for all patients, doctors, researchers, and innovators to receive a concise plan that would guide precision medicine in the future. 

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