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The Right Direction Towards Personalized Medicine for Asthma endotypes

Treatment by personalized medicine for asthma is going to be the future. The economic cost of asthma supersedes the cost of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined, and the Global Asthma Initiative said more than 400 million asthmatics worldwide will be there by 2025. Since Hippocrates first described it, asthma remains a curable but incurable disease. 

 For the mildest asthma symptoms, only low-dose inhaled corticosteroids are prescribed, followed by other doses of inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting agonists, leukotriene receptor antagonists, systemic corticosteroids, anti-IgE compounds and theophylline depending on asthma control achieved will do. Step by step with the ultimate goal of asthma control. 

Asthma was classified into six classes: aspirin sensitivity, allergic bronchopulmonary mycosis, allergic allergy in adults, asthma prognostic index, the positive respiratory wheeze of preschool age, severe hyper eosinophilic asthma with late-onset, and Asthma in cross-country skiers. 

The inclusion of disease endotypes and their treatment design should reconsider the fact that the present era of asthma treatment is based on family history, patient characteristics, and laboratory studies with the future era of personalized medicine, where treatment regimens are based on individual biological data.

In the case of asthma, some progress has been made in clinical trials using targeted therapeutics or in the analysis of results according to the endotype of asthma. We are not at the edge of practising personalized medicine for asthma. However, the methodology of tailoring treatment according to the endotype of asthma is going in the right direction.

Personalized Medicine For Asthma: Asthma end typing serves as a stepping stone to the practice of personalized asthma treatment. Although the exact molecular mechanism underlying the aetiology and response to treatment of asthma is not understood, targeted therapies based on the end type of asthma are treated by at least clinicians based on the biology of alignment with the individual. Allows you to do.  It’s naive to believe that personalized medicine for asthma is at hand, but ongoing efforts to improve asthma and typing are moving in the right direction.

New Study Focuses On Personalized Therapies For People With Severe Asthma: New Phase II clinical trials of multiple treatments for severe asthma are underway in northeastern Ohio, focusing on personalized treatments based on genetics, family history, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Potential participants are patients with uncontrolled asthma or frequent asthma attacks.  Severe asthma affects the quality of life of patients and can increase the risk of hospitalization and death. 

The goal of this multicenter study is to improve the ability to personalize treatment to improve treatment for asthma patients. A better understanding of individual factors, such as how genes and diet affect asthma, will help you choose the best treatment or prevention strategy for each patient. Unique Genetics Family History, Lifestyle Behavior, and Environmental Factors . After the patient was first enrolled in the study, the patient recorded asthma symptoms and the investigator understands a particular type of severe asthma. 


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