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Role of mobile health technology in management of heart diseases

Mobile Technologies are one of the ubiquitous technologies in the world helping entrepreneurs of all sectors to grow their businesses by themselves. Likewise, mobile health technology assists patients to take care of their own health. It has the potential to elevate patient care, expand the positive use of mobile devices in healthcare and even ensure healthcare has a more personalized approach when used properly.

One of the prominent features of mobile health technology is the management of heart diseases. We know that controlling blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol are the essential prevention factors taken to manage heart care and require careful and continuous medical management. Mobile health interventions in these using text messaging, mobile apps, wearable devices, GPS, and Bluetooth can help in making lifestyle styles, keep track of diet and exercise, thereby managing the above factors. 

The AHA conducted a systematic review of studies of older adults who used mobile health technology in the management of heart disease. It included 26 studies that examined mobile health technologies for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease among participants 60 years and older. Important lifestyle interventions for improving the health of people with heart disease include reducing inactive time, increasing physical exercise, maintaining healthy body weight, and eating a balanced diet. Wearables, mobile devices, and applications play an essential role because they can help people monitor and track their health behaviors and heart disease risk factors, known as the AHA’s Life’s Simple 7, in order to lower their risk of a cardiac event and attain optimal cardiovascular health.

Apart from the futuristic attractiveness of wearables, mobile technology has the potential to improve the most fundamental aspect of healthcare: patient engagement. Remote patient monitoring and telehealth will advance in mobile healthcare. In terms of healthcare, wearable and mobile technology are still in their infancy. It is realistic to view these breakthroughs as more than a novelty and to begin thinking imaginatively and with an open mind about how they may be strategically applied to difficulties that doctors and frontline workers around the world are grappling with.

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