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Stop Medicine Wastage, Helps Lakhs of COVID Patients

Medicine wastage has been a grave concern during this pandemic. During this pandemic, people all over the world are struggling for basic services, vaccinations, health care or work; however, despite the chaos, these adversities have forced some to do their best and ordinary citizens have become brave.

Of patients with new coronary pneumonia. Several Mumbai doctors, doctors, Raina Ranny and Dr. Marcus Ranny (Marcus Ranny) are two people. They decided to create a unique platform to fight the coronavirus and make everyone a participant in change. After the first wave of the pandemic, those who knew it knew that most people wanted to help, but didn’t know what to do. Reina. She and her husband, doctor. Marcus organized drug treatment on May 1, 2021. to know more information. The idea behind this initiative is to collect and distribute excess drugs. They are under the arm. Also medicine wastage during this pandemic caused a lot of shortage.

This includes collecting large quantities of medicines in cities, improving access and supply, and distributing them to remote areas where basic facilities are difficult to obtain. Since the first wave of COVID relief work in rural areas, Marcus has been at the forefront of the Mumbai slums.

He saw that the poor had no access to basic facilities and encouraged them to take action. “One of our domestic workers’ children was diagnosed with COVID19, and we are considering how to help him. My wife and I started talking about how expensive these drugs are and how much wasted after recovery. A week later, he released a long list. He compiled a list of medicines and published a message stating that anyone can choose any medicine: steroids, vitamin supplements and antibiotics (if prescribed).La Sexta Avenida is part of a network of 30 housing associations. These cooperatives meet to collect unused medicines. There are 50 volunteers, such as Prajapati, known as “combat doctors”, and they coordinate this work.

“We have installed safes. In all societies, people can store unused drugs in them. A central database of all drugs,” said Manjul Yadav, a software engineer and co-founder of the Helping Hands Medicine Bank project. Some of these initiatives include Covid Medicin e Recycle, MedsForMore, Mission Medicine and Resources Saanjh. Recycling medicine also helps added benefits to prevent medicine wastage.

Experts say that one of the community initiatives is important because of the fear of contracting the coronavirus, high costs, shortages, accumulation and waste when going to a hospital or pharmacy. It is better known as Medicine Baba, which can be said to be the first and oldest pharmaceutical bank in West Delhi in the city. Covid has injected new impetus into the development of pharmaceutical banks. Read and donate 1.2 million rupees of medicines every month. I also sent packages to all parts of the country, including villages,” said an 80-year-old man who traveled door-to-door in Delhi and even gave Sam back.

A spokesperson called and hired two people to help him get the package. Drug Helped Bank said its partners operate two other pharmaceutical banks in Faridabad and Chandigarh. She took medicine for her mother from Jahangirpuri and could not fully understand her thoughts. According to the Brookings Institution 2020 India’s Pharmaceutical Industry: Availability, Availability and Quality Report: “The share of cash outlays for medicines in 2013 was approximately 51, down from 43% in 201516, but remained unchanged. The family’s greatest contribution to PMO. It reads on the wall: “All medicines are free for the poor. Qureshi said that there were 100 last year. We buy medicines from distributors and collect unused medicines as donations.

They look forward to continuing to work after the pandemic. Many undeveloped drugs donated to the Ion Project are becoming more and more popular outside of Qureshi Pharmacy. Society has tested similar ideas in books, food and clothing, and why this is so.Do you use drugs and health products? Their mission is to make the most of available medical resources, including medicines and equipment as said by Marcus Ranni, adding that it is also good for the environment because unused medicines do not enter the landfill. Thus stopping medicine wastage can help a lot pf covid patients.


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