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International day of Action for Women’s Health: Key facts about women’s health

The International Day of Action for Women’s Health is celebrated on May 28. The main objective of the International Day of Action for Women’s Health is to raise awareness on the issues related to women’s health and well being such as Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Every woman has a right to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Women in developing nations lack basic health care and face life-debilitating and life-threatening health issues.

Some facts about women’s health:

  • Access to Feminine Hygiene Products is One of the Most Widely Experienced Women’s Health Issues.
  • Women Are Still At Serious Risk of Dying During Childbirth
  • There Are 570,000 New Cases of Cervical Cancer Each Year
  • Access to Care in This Country is a Huge Challenge For Millions of Women – and It’s Contributing to the Poor Health Outcomes




Many countries do not focus on women’s health due to various factors like :

  • Social – cultural : Women in various cultures have a lower status than men, gender inequality. Gender inequality affects the right to education, social and economic dependency and healthcare. Women do not even have access to healthcare without permission. They cannot even get involved in family issue or planning.
  • Economic : Women face inequality even in workplaces. Women only earn 10% of the world’s income. Poverty is linked to no/poor healthcare access.


Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) include the following rights:

Right to:

  • Receive information on sexuality
  • Sexuality education
  • Choose their partner
  • Take  decision to be sexually active or not
  • Decide when  to have children
  • Use modern contraceptive methods
  • Access to  maternity care
  • Safe abortion and post-abortion care
  • Know about Prevention, care, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and infection

During the past years various issues have been addressed related to women’s health and rights such as:

  • Health care and medication facilities
  • To protect women from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/ AIDS
  • Understanding on contraceptives
  • Safe and legal abortion facility
  • Improvement  in health sector and women’s health
  • Women’s SRHR

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