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Vaccine for coronavirus is the most anticipated vaccine

Life hasn’t been normal for anyone for the last two months. The global pandemic of coronavirus has made it brutally difficult for people all over the world to get out of the house freely without masks and covers. Everyone is just waiting for one thing – The vaccine for coronavirus. Because it is the only way to end the isolation, minimize the loss to economies, and return to somewhat normality. More than 100 organizations are racing to develop the most anticipated vaccine and win the global spotlight. It may still take 12-18 months more to develop the vaccine given the virus is brand-new and is going to require lots of human trials and research.

Vaccine for coronavirus is not only an important public-health intervention but also the most impactful and cost-effective way to reduce the increasing death and infections and save lives. But this pandemic has shown us this vaccination is very much necessary to maintain global security, economic stability, the social order of the world and make the world less chaotic than it already is. The SARS-CoV-2 virus caught every country off-guard at the beginning of a new year so the damage was more and rapidly spread throughout the world. One possible positive side to this pandemic is that it can lead to a series of new vaccine technologies that will help us to be better prepared for the next. Although it is not feasible to create a hazard vaccine before you know what the hazard is, some of the vaccine innovations currently being studied as part of the COVID-19 response could theoretically make planning feasible in other ways. 

However, until a vaccine is approved the best shot we got to decrease the transmission is tracing outbreaks as early as possible using all the available tools and technologies. That means better surveillance of the diseases. Networks for the surveillance of infectious diseases already exist around the globe, but they can be densely packed and have varying efficiency. One cost-effective way to extend the net is by increasing access to primary healthcare, particularly in low-income countries, where these infectious diseases still occur undetected.

Vaccination of coronavirus may seem the only way to stop the global pandemic and a ticket to have our normal lives back. But the only thing we can do is wait patiently for the vaccine and practice all the guidelines given by WHO and state authorities and do our part to not become the carriers of the virus for others.  

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