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Illustrated Advanced Technique of Periodontal Microsurgery


oral surgery, Periodontics

1st Edition 2022

Masana Suzuki


Published by : Quintessence


This book is the English version of the long-selling “The Illustrated Advanced Technique of Periodontal Microsurgery,” enhanced with long-term follow-ups and new cases. The author is a pioneer in periodontal plastic surgery in Japan and has given lectures and hands-on courses worldwide. This book covers all periodontal plastic surgery procedures under a magnified field of view using a microscope. The book clearly explains treatments for gingival (soft tissue) morphology, such as root coverage, interdental papilla reconstruction, and alveolar ridge augmentation, as well as techniques for restoring gingival recession and other problems after implant treatment.

Part 1. Diagnosis

  • What is the gingival esthetic?
  • Fundamental concept of gingival esthetic
  • Fundamental examination

Part 2. Basic of incision, Flapping, Suturing

  • Fundamental principal of periodontal microsurgery
  • Incision basic
  • Flapping basic
  • Tissue reflection to harvest the connective tissue
  • Suturing basic
  • Basic technique of geometric suture with the enlarged figures

Part 3. Clinical application: Natural teeth

  • Root coverage: Concept of envelop technique
  • Root coverage procedure: Concept of modified Langer technique
  • Root coverage procedure: the concept of subpedicle connective tissue graft
  • The concept of alveolar ridge augmentation: Basics
  • The concept of alveolar ridge augmentation procedure: Advanced 1 Pre-prosthetic treatment
  • The concept of alveolar ridge augmentation procedure: Advanced 2 Post-prosthetic treatment
  • The concept of alveolar ridge augmentation procedure: Advanced 3 post-prosthetic management
  • The concept of interdental papilla reconstruction procedure

Part 4. Clinical approach: Implant

  • Management of peri-implant soft tissue
  • Treatment of peri-implant soft tissue recession
  • Philosophy of management of implant problem
  • Philosophy of soft tissue augmentation around implant

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Edition 1st Edition 2022


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